This Christmas, Shanghai Tang draws you into a winter reverie inspired by China’s mythical traditions and romantic legends. Enchanted by the symbolism of the ‘Eight Treasures’ (babao 八宝), we have crafted a collection of beautiful, stylish gifts that embody the virtues of Buddhist beliefs, aesthetic design and pure luxury, reflecting harmony and peace, prosperity and long life. The gifts we have created are exceptional. We entreat you to wrap your family and friends in our Mongolian Cashmere and precious silk work using time-honoured artisanal techniques; to celebrate in style with finely crafted homewares; to find inspiration in exotic ranges inspired by Chinese auspicious elements, precious materials and joyful colours; and to create your own atmosphere with our sensually scented candles and perfumes. This Christmas, journey with us to Shanghai Tang’s winter wonderland of untold legends. Traditional values and motifs are updated for modern tastes into a range of stylish gifts that include limited editions and a specially commissioned collaboration with one of China’s most respected contemporary artists.]]>