x Lifelong Animal Protection Charity ‘Catch Me If You Can’! – Finding a New Home for Abandoned Cats

SHANGHAI TANG x Lifelong Animal Protection Charity (LAP)
‘Catch Me If You Can’! – Finding a New Home for Abandoned Cats


Shanghai Tang is partnering with Hong Kong-based non-profit organisation Lifelong Animal Protection Charity (LAP) for one of the most meaningful and adorable charity collaborations of the year –‘Catch Me If You Can’. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the plight of homeless cats and to help them find a loving home. A portion of the sales from Shanghai Tang’s ‘Catch Me If You Can’ footwear collection will be donated towards this meaningful cause.

For this collaboration, Shanghai Tang has invited 7 cats from LAP awaiting adoption to join our ‘Catch Me If You Can’ campaign photoshoot. The 7 cats (see Appendix), which are either stray, homeless, abandoned or new born orphans, are pictured with the brand new ‘Catch Me If You Can’ slip-ons from the namesake footwear collection by Shanghai Tang. The adorable images will be printed on promotional cards for distribution, as well as shared on various channels to encourage adoption of these loveable animals.

上海灘與本地慈善團體保護動物慈善協會(LAP攜手合作,帶來可能是本年度最可愛的慈善聯乘企劃「Catch Me If You Can,期望引起大家對流浪貓與被遺棄動物的關注,並為貓貓尋找一個有愛的新家庭。LAP一向致力拯救被遺棄動物,是次合作,上海灘將會捐出「Catch Me If You Can」鞋履系列的部份收益予LAP,為此別富意義的慈善行動出一分力。


上海灘一共邀請了LAP的7隻待領養貓咪進行拍攝,7隻貓均是無家可歸、被遺棄或孤兒,由LAP拯救並現正照顧中。今次拍攝中,7隻喵星人時而呆萌、時而活潑,並與上海灘「Catch Me If You Can」鞋履系列全新板鞋作佻皮互動,可愛萬分,定會攻陷各位貓貓控的心!這輯萌照將製作成卡片派發,並會經各媒體及頻道宣傳,期望為7隻貓尋找到新的家。

Shanghai Tang will donate part of the proceeds from the ‘Catch Me If You Can’ footwear collection in May and June to Lifelong Animal Protection Charity to support this purposeful cause and the charity’s continued efforts to help animals in need. We invite all animal lovers to join us in supporting this special mission to rescue our furry little friends.

“LAP is delighted that Shanghai Tang shares our vision to help animals in need. We can walk together to reach our goal.” said Sheila McClelland, founder of LAP.

上海灘將於5至6月期間將「Catch Me If You Can」鞋履系列的部份收益捐予LAP,以支持LAP在本港的愛心行動,為更多被遺棄的動物找到新主人,期待大眾也能一起嚮應。

保護動物慈善協會創辦人Sheila McClelland表示:「保護動物慈善協會很榮幸與上海灘合作,並很高興上海灘認同本會幫助流浪動物的理念。我們將攜手合作,實現目標。

The ‘Catch Me If You Can’ footwear collection offers 3 styles in total for both women’s and men’s styles (see Appendix), including the latest slip-on skate shoes and the well-received loafers and mules launched in 2019. The whimsical shoes feature an asymmetric embroidery of a cat-and-mouse game that is sure to capture the hearts of cat lovers. All styles are now available at all Shanghai Tang boutiques and online at