11 Apr 2022 By AWAY IN STYLE

Simplicity in Elegance by BRUNELLO CUCINELLI

Simplicity in Elegance

Men’s Collection Spring Summer 2022

On the path traced towards rebirth, towards joyful reunions and the sharing of daily gestures, men are starting to rediscover a taste for elegance and dressing well as well as the emotions and sensations of well-being that stem from a polished, relaxed and contemporary style.

With this renewed desire for elegance, simplicity takes on a special role; because of its closeness to a natural expression of masculinity, it is capable of transmitting a message of authenticity, of positivity and of spontaneity. The style seeks completeness through balance, essentiality and sobriety.




The pleasure of dressing well starts from the suit, a quintessential symbol of elegance, reinvented in a fresh and relaxed manner. Outfits featuring mismatched blazers add layers of richness and versatility to suits, capable of transforming a purely formal element into an elegant and versatile everyday item.

Where blazers ensure equilibrium, the slightly softened volumes of the season’s trousers complement outfits, renewing the canons of male elegance in a balanced and contemporary manner.




The colour palette covers a wide range of light neutrals, starting from mid-light hues of beige heading up to the very light sand, off-white and panama, next to which sit renewed shades of light grey.

Besides the most noble or sporty tones of blue, colour touches are concentrated on delicate and faint pastels: yellows, pink and light blues that seem to emerge from a background of greys to diffuse harmonic and refined notes across the collection.




From classic cottons and summery linens to exquisite virgin wool cloths, the proposal of fabrics is concentrated on lightweight and valued materials that stand out thanks to their use of natural fibers.

Patterns are discreet, fine-tuned according to the principles of authentic chic style and balanced out in outfits by refined and dynamic notes of color, which enhance the quality of the materials, the workmanship and an innate appeal.