Song Hye Kyo Sends Her Season’s Greetings with Chaumet Jewelry

As the weather cools and the holiday season nears, Chaumet’s Brand Ambassador in the APAC region, Ms. Song Hye Kyo, once again radiates charm in the Maison’s creations from the Bee My Love, Laurier and Liens Collections in a new set of photographs that are sure to bring cheer and merriment to the end of the year celebrations!


Bee My Love collection apt, as the bee is a symbol of sovereignty and an imperial emblem that provides the inspiration for the geometric honeycomb creations of the collection that perfectly complements Song’s sophisticated grace.


The Laurier Collection continues the theme of kings and queens as the wearer of the sprig alludes to a future filled with success and achievement – a worthy cause for celebration that lights up every precious moment in one’s life with joy and happiness.


With Christmas around the corner, we come full circle on another year, marking a time of unity and expression of eternity that has inspired the Jeux de Liens Harmony medallion. With its two asymmetrical parts representing the union of two people who choose to share the best of life together, love is indeed all we need during this auspicious season that is shared with lovers and loved ones alike!


So whether frosted in diamonds, standing out in vibrant yellow gold, or wrapped in the warmth of rose gold, gift your loved ones with the sovereign prestige of Chaumet this Christmas, as the season of love and family marks new beginnings in the coming new year and beyond!