Song SAA private Island ‘Journey of Change’

Unique Environmental Preservation and Community Protection Experiences

Cambodia’s luxury resort Song Saa Private Island offers guests the opportunity to experience the work of its environmental preservation and community protection foundation first-hand with the Journeys of Change package.

Priced at USD 3298 all-inclusive based on twin share, the Journey of Change is available on the 16th of the months June, July, August, September and October. Uniquely, with 100% of the profits from the package going to support the work of Song Saa Foundation, guests are assured that their contributions will make a direct impact.

The offer includes a four-night stay in the luxurious Jungle Villa, all Journey of Change activities, 24-hour room service, unlimited house wine, house beers, house spirits and non-alcoholic beverages as well as daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and surprise snacks from the resort’s world-class chefs served in any of the resort’s dining venues.

An innovative leader in developing sustainable solutions to local problems, the Song Saa Foundation manages a range of initiatives collaborating with experts in the field to promote a sustainable future for the people and places of the Koh Rong Archipelago. In a group capped at a maximum of 10 participants, to ensure an intimate and hands-on experience for all guests, each group will be assigned a skilled and experienced ‘Foundation Ambassador’ who will be guide guests through all aspects during their visit.

Each Journey is organised around a series of core events and a set of options that participants can chose from, such as swimming in the clear turquoise waters of the Song Saa Private Island‘s marine reserve to collect information on coral and its habitats and walking beneath a tall rainforest canopy to study the bird and plant life.

Unique activities and options, including a 5-mile beach picnic, a chance to experience the local Khmer culture through the handicraft ‘Garden to Plate’ cuisine, a trip on the ‘Boat of Hope’, where the Foundation provides vitamin and education services to remote Archipelago communities as well as the ‘Song Saa Legacy’ family, where guest are invited to share ideas and experiences during and beyond the tour are also part of the package.

Those with a sense of adventure, who prize the opportunity to see and experience new places, are inspired by the idea of creating healthier and more caring lifestyles, in harmony with the environment and each other or seek the opportunity for a richer and deeper understanding of    Cambodia’s culture and environment will experience one of the last remaining untouched environments in tropical Southwest – with pristine sand beaches, swaying coconut palms and fringing coral reefs; while finding themselves energised by the beauty of the environment and spirit of the Archipelago’s people.