Song Saa Private Island offers 4 days travel photgraphy workshop


From 11 until 15 March, 2015, Cambodia’s luxury resort Song Saa Private Island offers guests an unique four-day travel photography workshop with renowned photographer Justin Mott.

Priced at USD12,000 per person, the programme is suitable for novices and advanced photographers, and all in between, and aims to improve technical aspects, such as lighting and composition, as well as soft skills, which focusses on the art of storytelling.

By captururing the color, beauty, and personality of the Koh Rong Island, Justin Mott will try to teach his fellow-photographers to break away from taking typical pictures and to find their personal style and vision in photography.

On the afternoon of arrival, guests will have the opportunity to relax or explore the island. In the evening, participants are welcomed for sunset drinks and dinner.

The following days, participants will get to know more about the local Khmer community than meets the lens with assignments ranging from profiling a novice monk and documenting the life of a fisherman to telling the story of a local charity.

The offer includes 24-hour room service, unlimited house wine, house beers, house spirits and non-alcoholic beverages as well as daily breakfast, lunch, dinner and surprise snacks from the resort’s world-class chefs served in any of the resort’s dining venues.