SONOS Brilliant Sound Campaign


Local survey shows Hong Kongers rely on music to reduce stress, increase productivity and stimulate creativity

Listening is essential to human culture, progress, and happiness. Most of us enjoy music and other audio content daily, but we rarely pause to wonder why we are so drawn to it or to acknowledge the benefits we receive from listening. To appreciate listening’s ability to change our lives, leader in multi-room sound systems Sonos has launched The Brilliant Sound Campaign – a worldwide survey putting the spotlight on the transformative power of sound. Run across 12 countries,12,000 people found listening to be essential to human happiness, and that music might just be the key to reducing stress, improving productivity and being healthier.

Music can reach us on deep emotional levels. In the Sonos-led global survey, 54% of respondents say that music has made them either laugh or cry unexpectedly. While music can trigger emotions, it also has a profound impact on our daily lives with 3 out of 4 respondents agreeing that listening to music reduces stress. Another 52% said they are happier when listening to a favorite song, and that music helps boost their mood at work (58%).

Listening also has a major effect on our connections with other people, from friends and family to lovers and long-term partners. 76% of global respondents said they feel an instant connection with others who have similar taste in music. The lust-fuelling characteristics of music don’t just dissolve once the initial connection is made – most global survey respondents say that music makes sex much better (59%) and that it can even make them more adventurous in bed (56%).

Evelyn Lee, music therapist and founder of Prospect Music Therapy, an organisation that uses music therapy methods to promote health and well-being, is not surprised: “Listening to music, especially music that we prefer, releases a host of chemicals into the body which can affect our feelings and behaviours. Hormones such as oxytocin cause us to experience pleasurable emotions, contributing to relaxation, trust and increased social bonding. Listening to fast, stimulating music also produces adrenaline which is known to power our performance, especially in sports,” she added.

When conducted locally in fast-paced Hong Kong, the results gathered from the 1,000 respondents mirrored the worldwide survey with a reportedly significant positive impact on stress, productivity and fitness.

Listening elevates our emotions and reduces our stress

For Hong Kongers, listening to music can have a positive impact on their mood (47%) and significantly help with stress related to work and daily life tasks. Music has the power to bring us more than just a smile – 2 out of 5 respondents have laughed or cried unexpectedly when listening to music. To many, music is the key that helps them calm down and feel better (64.1%).

Listening makes us more productive and creative

Music is also seen as inspiration to kick-start your day or to help get more done, depending on the selected playlist! Music can significantly boost people’s productivity (35%) and creativity (27%). 1 out of 3 respondents turn to music as their muse that helps them think of new ideas when stuck and inspires them to do great work. Music even appears to be a better energizer than coffee, as 1 out of 2 would opt for music over coffee when it comes to getting work done.

Listening helps us realize our health goals and work out harder

Listening to fast-paced and stimulating music can have a direct link to fitness performance, as 81% of respondents say listening to great music inspires them to achieve their fitness goals. Moreover, 1 out of 4 shared that music has made a bigger impact on their fitness than any supplement. At the gym, Hong Kongers push themselves further and work out longer with the motivational role of music (43.3%).
Listening can bring families and friends together.


In Hong Kong, 2 of 5 respondents say that listening to music out loud can help connect their family and even ease tensions. 1 in 4 agree that hangouts happen more with background music.

“We believe that listening is essential to human progress, culture and happiness. So, our mission is to Inspire the World to Listen Better. For sixteen years, Sonos has focused on making listening out-loud more immersive and intuitive so that we can bring the power of brilliant sound to more households around the world. We are excited to be helping bring positive change to customers by inspiring them