SPORT B. Spring Summer 2015 “CAR RACING”

After having fun with the hardcore electro music throughout the whole fall winter, SPORT B. vows to carry forward the energetic vibe to kick-start 2015. Inspired from the universally recognizable car racing competition, Formula 1 Grand Prix, the spring summer collection is full of car racing footprints.

Formula 1 racing is the ultimate test of man and machine – pushing car and driver to their absolute limits in pursuit of one simple goal – Speed. It is the pinnacle of motor racing. Salute to the highest class of single seat auto racing sanctioned by the Fèdèration Internationale de l’Automobile(FIA), design of SS15 collection plays around different elements in car racing. With the use of vibrant colors, playful and frisky gesture is created to complete the sporty story.

Race Track
From the up side down of birds eye view for the road racing circuits. Some oval tracks are variations on an oval shape. Most racetracks have meandering circuits with many curves, chicanes and change in height, to allow a challenge in skill to the competitors. Everything goes round in shape with colorful blocking chips detail. Curly stripe appeared on the road creates some graphical effect.

The Moment
This theme is about competition award. A trophy is a reward that serves as recognition or evidence of merit, chaptered a glorious moment when racing car hit the checkered flag. Square form with mono tone is the center piece of the story. Black & white is the core, with red color and some silvery touch as highlight. The trophy image and outline will be the key application for the collection.

Exceed the limit to win the victory or lost by the unexpected accident? The car racing is full of excitement as the result is beyond control. Two cars got light crash together on the slippery floor under light drizzle, peeling off the painted surface and lots of splashing piece throw on to the air etc. All these create the colorful picture with some twisted & weird images.