2 Dec 2022 By May Ng


The first of FRED’s gifts in this selection are the iconic Force 10 pieces, a special range of jewelry that places glimmering gold and glittering diamonds at the very heart of their designs. A symbol of freedom and casual chic, the colorful bracelets, necklaces and rings express not only the joyful holiday atmosphere, but also the wearer’s personality through the choice of buckle and cable. For him, the Force 10 Winch pieces underline the collection’s sporting values and show tremendous power and determination of conquering the sea. Featuring elegant curves that hold a special significance to the oceanic inspiration and codes, the very first Force 10 piece was created as a gift from Henri Samuel – eldest son of brand founder Fred Samuel – to his wife, hence all these pieces are an ode to the bonds of a family, with buckles and braids representing togetherness and the ties of unconditional love.

Coming in a vast offering of necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings, the Chance Infinie pieces ensure that shimmers and luck follow you at every moment of joy in the holiday season! The collection is another iconic example of Maison FRED’s design philosophy. The “8”-shape lucky charm represents the endless potential and boundless opportunities hidden within a gift. Delicately rendered in loops of precious gold and diamonds, the Chance Infinie motif brings good fortune to family and friends.

Pretty Woman rings and playful necklaces set with diamonds and colored stones celebrate holiday joy and love in all its forms. Highly stackable and easy to mix and match, these pieces call for more fun and love in the happiest holiday celebrations! Their “Heart within the Heart” design ensures the collection decisively spread love and joy, as a token of filial, parental love, or even of a great friendship. A highlight from the selection, the Pretty Woman Par Amour Engagement Ring features a compelling 3-carat heart-shape-cut diamond, making every holiday wish come true!

Further, vividly cheerful are the Belles Rives pieces that shine a great deal of FRED’s emblematic sunny and radiant palette inspired by the French Riviera – a place its founder Fred Samuel held dear. Completing the selection and adding starlight to it are the Ombre Féline pieces that pay glowing tribute to Princess Grace and the Maison’s profound history.

With this selection of gifts, the holiday season has rarely seemed more festive and heartening. FRED’s incredible selection is the perfect way to celebrate the season of giving and share the love, bringing the Maison’s bold style and “Live The Joy” spirit to our loved ones.