Spring with Yat Tung Heen’s collection of Floral Dim Sum

This Spring, Yat Tung Heen’s award-wining culinary team is delighted to present you with a series of beautiful and nourishing floral dim sums including rose, chrysanthemum, carnation, tuberose and osmanthus.

Fragrant and soothing in scent and flavour, rose also contains Vitamin C which sooths and enriches the skin.
‧Steamed Shrimp and Rose Dumplings (HK$45)
‧Egg Yolk Custard and Rose Dumplings (HK$42)

Chrysanthemum offers a bitter-sweet balance and is widely used in Chinese teas and cooking owing to its refreshing taste and medicinal properties.
‧Spring Rolls with Shrimp and Chrysanthemum (HK$42)

The cool-natured, delicately flavoured tuberose removes internal moisture and helps the body with detoxification.
‧Steamed Rice Rolls with Mushrooms and Tuberose (HK$46)
‧Sweetened Hokkaido Red Beans and Tuberose Dumplings (HK$42)

Known to calm the liver and nurture the skin as well as being used as a light and floral condiment.
‧Deep-fried Taro Pastry with Assorted Meats and Carnation (HK$46)

Light and tangy in flavour it can warm the stomach and aid the kidneys. It is common to add osmanthus with sugar when cooking.
‧Steamed Dumplings with Assorted Fungi and Osmanthus (HK$35)

Spring Rolls with Shrimp and Chrysanthemum
Steamed Shrimp and Rose Dumplings
Deep-fried Taro Pastry with Assorted Meat and Carnation

* Subject to 10% service charge
* Valid from 17 February to 4 May 2014