Your personal living space is your own little sanctuary where you can dress as you please, indulge as you may and relax as you wish.

Whether you’re a devout homebody or merely enjoy the occasional staycation, the joys of staying at home can be exponentially elevated with a few easy tricks. Amp it up with these 5 Shanghai Tang luxurious and chic essentials to make the moment truly, enjoyably yours and yours only.


So you’ve invested in premium 1200-thread-count bedding, but don’t forget about that intimate layer between the sheets and your skin. Our first secret to at-home pampering – Silky Soft Sleepwear. A set of well-crafted pyjamas, or a strappy négligée, made from silk satin that glides across your skin, will make you feel like you’re sleeping on cloud nine.

Many swear by Shanghai Tang’s legendary pure mulberry Silk Satin Pyjama Shirt And Pant as their go-to for a good night’s sleep. The dreamy silk fabric is trimmed with contrast piping and topped with a mandarin collar. If you’re looking for something with a bit less coverage, try our slinky Silk Satin Night Slip with a front keyhole cut-out and side slits.



Scents have the power of capturing moments and transforming them into lingering memories. They can also create the perfect ambience for you to enjoy the present. Lighting a scented candle is an almost ritual-like experience — from the moment you strike the matchstick, enjoying that gentle crackle of the blaze, to lighting up a Shanghai Tang candle, permeating the space with a luxurious aroma.

Our tip: finding your signature scent may take a few tries. To narrow it down, try looking for something from your favourite olfactory family, such as floral, woody or oriental. Shanghai Tang’s iconic Ginger Flower has a distinctive citrusy floral scent; the Vivid Dragon is a spicy oriental fragrance; Whisper is infused with floral notes and woody undertones.



The best way to ensure quality shuteye – is to ensure you keep your eyes shut!

A few points to note when selecting an eye mask – make sure it blocks out the light, isn’t too tight against your eyes, and feels comfortable for your skin. Our Foulard Print Silk Eye Masks are created with all the above in mind, with the added bonus of being extra stylish. Made from pure mulberry silk and bearing a scarf print that is different for every unit, these eye masks are generously padded and will guarantee a night of beauty sleep.


Don’t we all love the feeling of being cocooned in soft, marshmallowy bliss? The desire to snuggle up in swathes of cosy fabrics stems from our infant days — our fluffy Cashmere Knit Blanket And Zip Pillow Set and Foldable Cashmere Knit Blanket are a ‘grown-up’ version of our childhood security blankets after all.

On home pampering days, we love to curl up on the couch with a good book and a warm drink, so a trusty couch throw (or sofa blanket!)  is a must. Shanghai Tang’s range of blankets are knitted from pure cashmere, meaning they’re incredible warm and cosy without bulky weight. And we designed them with either a zip pouch or an attached fold-in pocket, so that they’re foldable and ready-to-go when you opt for a vacay instead of a staycay next time.

源自嬰兒時期的習慣,我們總愛窩在被窩中的溫暖與安全感。懶洋洋休閒在家的日子,最佳活動是捲起在沙發上,手執一杯暖茶、一本好書,又或準備「煲劇」…… 一張溫暖可靠的毯子實在少不得。


A hot mug of joe in the morning, a soothing cuppa post-noon, and a tipple after dark. It’s important to stay hydrated all day and be chic while doing so.

For hot beverages, enjoy them in quality fine bone china, a type of porcelain thus named due to its magical ingredient – cattle bone ash, which gives bone china its superior whiteness, translucency and strength. Shanghai Tang’s Forbidden Garden and Chinese Garden Bird and Lattice fine bone china collection is prized for its vibrant, whimsical designs often touched with gold accents.

For wine and other refreshing drinks, our Four Season glasses and Dragon crystal stemware etched with intricate patterns will serve as the perfect vessel as well as a sparkling conversation starter.