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su:m37° is the subsidiary of LG Household & Health Care, and is the first naturally-fermented cosmetics range, adopting a formula that pioneers the concept of skin rejuvenation using organic yeast. Hero Secret line products are safe, gentle, and free of any skin-irritating substances such as synthetic preservatives, artificial fragrance, and artificial coloring. The entire product range is suitable for sensitive skin and thus has been highly sought after by Asian women who admire Clean Beauty*.

su:m37° understands that beautiful skin composes by 8 essential elements: hydration, radiance, skin texture, skin tone, firmness, calmness, strength and vitality. It proudly presents you with the miracle Secret Line. Restoring the skin condition to its equilibrium by the miracle formulas which effectively work on the 8essential elements to improve skin condition.

*Skin care products that do not contain chemical irritants



Secret Balancing Toner ($400/150ml)


A gel-textured toner that softens skin texture with rich hydration. Strengthen and revitalize skin from within.



Formulated with rich moisture and natural moisturizing ingredients, it forms a tight polymer which gives the gel texture to the toner. It hydrates the skin effectively by locking the moisture in skin cells, it revitalizes skin and gives you a deep moisturizing sensation. The gel formula infuses skin instantly with moisture, while the hydrophilic polymer component keeps the gel texture light and non-greasy. The toner effectively softens and moisturizes the skin, which helps preparing the skin for the follow-up skin care procedures.


Direction: After cleansing, put the toner on a cotton pad or your palm, and apply it from the center of the face with the outwards direction.

Secret Enhancing Emulsion ($440/120ml)


An essential emulsion that moisturized and nourishes skin inside out with triple moisturizing ingredients and fermented ingredients.


Formulated with skin-friendly ingredients to help absorbing moisture. The triple moisturizing ingredients consist of a sedative fermented ingredient (beta-glucan), a natural moisturizing factor (Betaine) and a collagen barrier (Ceramide) that protect the skin barrier, reduce stimulations to skin, strengthen moisturizing power and give dry skin long-lasting hydration. In addition, the emulsion forms fine and uniform emulsified particles, which enhance the penetration and are easily absorbed by skin. The formula with a Liquid Crystal Lamellar Structure, which allows the emulsion to wrap the oil on skin that gives the skin a moisturizing sensation that leaves the skin looking smoother.


Direction: After applying toner and serum, apply the emulsion on your face and neck, massage from inside to outside until it is absorbed.


Secret Cream   ($1,020/50ml)


An energizing cream that moisturizes and firms skin basis layer to achieve a firmed, plumped complexion.


The rich texture allows you to feel the concentrated nutrients from your fingertips, imagine filling the nutrients in layers between skin cells, your skin is instantly plumped and looks healthy. The cream forms a hydrating film on the skin which infuses skin with moisture, and instantly enhances firmness and reduces wrinkles. Centella Asiatica extract is added to the formula to not only relieve sensitive skin, but also help to form collagen and increase cell viability.

The rich, non-greasy cream further strengthens the skin balance in hydration, radiance, skin texture, skin tone and firmness. It also strengthens the defense system of the skin and provides an excellent anti-aging experience.


Direction: Apply after the essence, apply on the face and gently tap to help absorb.


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