4 Jul 2024 By Linggi Chow


Swarovski, leading crystal brand renowned for exceptional quality and brilliance launches its Fall/Winter 2024 Jewelry and Home collection. A masterful take on motion and organic movement, the new collection sees a return to Swarovski’s design DNA, with mastery of light and expertise in crystal cutting taking center stage as designs morph and shift into ultramodern silhouettes of mesmerizing beauty.

Global Creative Director Giovanna Engelbert plays with form, deconstructing and reshaping pieces in unexpected ways to realize arresting new visions of signature Swarovski families including Millenia, Matrix, and Hyperbola. Meanwhile, new collections like Sublima showcase unique stone cuts, cool colors, and fluid constructions: combined in wavelike structures, patterns collide, ablaze with kinetic energy.

Building on the marine inspiration that flowed through the Spring/Summer 2024 collections, new season designs merge Swarovski Crystal Pearls and Swarovski Crystals in bold shapes imbued with expressive elegance. Clear stones and rhodium plating herald the arrival of glamour, and exquisitely faceted snowflake motifs welcome the holidays with brilliance.

Discover the Mesmerizing New Season

Signature families manifest joyful extravagance through innovative interpretations, while new collections evolve Swarovski’s jewelry artistry with unrivaled savoir-faire.


Swarovski’s iconic family is a love letter to crystal. Millenia’s bold-yet-timeless Rivière silhouettes evoke a flowing crystal river and are made to wear again and again. This season sees the introduction of an octagonal bangle with horizontally set clear stones, and a stunning choker thathighlights Swarovski’s crystal cutting expertise. Existing pieces are recolored in evocative shades of icy blue, aquamarine, and sapphire. Lobster closures and clip mechanisms enhance the wearability of a perennially stylish collection with round-the-clock appeal.


Matrix takes on a modern mood for the season, with an unexpected collision of crystal cuts that combine to create striking new tennis-inspired silhouettes. From statement chokers and bracelets to chic hoops, each piece exudes timeless style. Swarovski Crystal Pearls and Swarovski Zirconia elevate solitaire pendants, studs, and rings, illuminating much-loved classics with immaculate polish.


Reinventing elegance, Hyperbola’s intricate designs are complemented with technically detailed construction and complex settings. Hyperbola draws on Swarovski’s Austrian heritage, referencing art movements like the Vienna Secession – with a focus on organic lines and free-flowing experimentation. Precision-cut clear crystals and Swarovski Zirconia enhance the fine jewelry aesthetic of swirling tubes, and mixed metal plating spun together in singular pieces radiate with modernity. From simple, everyday shapes to occasion pieces, Hyperbola reflects Swarovski’s unparalleled mastery of light.


Sublima is inspired by the ebbs and flows of nature. Inlaid with Swarovski Crystals and Swarovski Crystal Pearls, intricate silhouettes harness the light to fantasy-like effect. Tonal ombré blue and green hues offer an ethereal take on oceanic color, while Swarovski’s Meteora Pattern, where different stone sizes are placed in pavé and chattonage settings, adds a touch of contemporary refinement. Sublima is a spectacular celebration of Swarovski’s meticulous savoir-faire and crystal mastery.


Evolving from Spring/Summer’s oceanic story, Idyllia looks to the skies, with complex designs inspired by the organic geometry and individuality of snowflake formations. Figurative and abstract interpretations in prong set Swarovski Zirconia capture the light from every angle. A refined assortment of cuts, including pear, kite, and baguette step, combine to exquisite effect in versatile, dual wear pieces and oversized earrings. An elevated offering for the party season and beyond, Idyllia is a glittering ode to the wonders of the natural world and Swarovski’s infinite creativity.


Industrial silhouettes are infused with glamour as Swarovski Crystal Pearls interplay with chunky metal links in this season’s reinterpretation of Dextera. Signature chains are interspersed with pavé set white stones and multi-sized pearls against a backdrop of rhodium plating. Twisted hoops build on Dextera’s tubular aesthetic, and bestselling sculptural pieces featuring a half metal, half pavé execution return with new plating. For the first time, Dextera incorporates Swarovski’s dazzling dancing stone technique; a single round crystal is suspended within circular forms, unleashing radiance with every move.


Swarovski continues its expansion of the exceptional Lucent family with a new full-cut clear crystal pendant. Round Swarovski Crystal Pearl and pavé studs infuse the collection with polish, while cone-shaped pavé with pips earrings in rose and aquamarine offer an edgier take on vibrant everyday style. Hinge mechanisms and lighter silhouettes deliver improved wearability, as do miniature octagonal hoops in bright blue.


Inspired by the star-studded night skies, Constella presents breathtaking brilliance, season after season. For Fall/Winter 2024, prong set white Swarovski Zirconia, skilfully arranged in light-filled circular rays, lend drama to a spectacular choker and glamorous hoops. Enhanced with movable links and articulated bands that shift softly to catch the light, Constella commands attention, each piece beaming with hypnotic allure.


An exuberant exploration of crystals and color, Gema sees mixed cuts and uneven settings merge in unconventional shapes. Swarovski Crystals in a signature palette of pinks, yellows, blues, and greens cascade and collide with playful elegance. From a joyfully extravagant choker to a band ring, drop and hoop earrings, and a Y-shaped necklace, Gema is a testament to Swarovski’s ever-evolving artistry.


At the intersection of organic and industrial, Imber revitalizes classic elements with intricate savoir-faire. Rhodium plating and clear bezel set crystals harmonize in a delicate pendant, bracelet, and pierced studs. A masterclass in understated glamour, Imber is an infinitely wearable collection.


Classic silhouettes shine with a modern spirit. Encased in silver, gold, and rose gold-tone plated metals, flawlessly faceted clear crystals beam like radiant droplets of light. Stilla’s eye-catching cocktail rings sit alongside delicate single stone pendants, giving this family broad appeal.


Timeless yet captivating, Una is an elevation of Swarovski’s savoir-faire. Surrounded by pavé halos, a soft bracelet of round cut clear crystals and all-round necklace exude a luminous glow, as do simple studs accented with gold-tone plating. These elegant new season offerings complement the existing designs, like Angelic, in the Una family.


Revamped with new materials and metallics, including gold-tone plating, Symbolica’s ancient emblems are as impactful as ever. Swarovski’s elegant evil eye motif is given a domed shape, while the distinctive dancing stone technique is finished with a lustrous pavé rim. A captivating charm bracelet glimmers with a mix of Swarovski motifs and charms with pearl and pavé elements.

Moreover, shoppers can also explore gorgeous new home décor collections that is meticulously faceted to illuminate the holidays, including the Annual Edition Ornament, Holiday Cheers, Holiday Magic, Advent Calendar, Kris Bear, Idyllia, Gema and Crystal Myriad.

The new Swarovski jewelry collections are available in select stores and online at swarovski.com.