9 Oct 2022 By May Ng

SWARVOSKI Embracing Every Facet in Fall/ Winter 2022

Supermodel and modern-day icon, Bella Hadid, is the empowering face of Swarovski campaign. In a series of vibrant portraits, shot by fashion photographers Mert & Marcus under the creative direction of Giovanna Engelbert, Bella embraces the infinite possibilities of joyful glamour and (re)invention through a crystal-powered exploration of self-expression. Along this journey of light, color, and style, Bella embodies the multi-faceted essence of us all.

Perfect Poise

Enter a brave new era of glamour with black and white styles that express an ultra-chic confidence. Minimalism rules in graphic lines and bold clear crystals.

The campaign celebrates Swarovski’s brand codes of color and the octagon, a symbol for the facets of precision-cut crystal and a reminder to express every side of you. Through inspiring and playful interpretations of personalities – accessorized with our latest jewelry creations in fresh combinations.

Our first collection that showcases one of many sustainability efforts; Fluenta features waves of Swarovski reignited crystals, which are unused crystal stock that would otherwise go to waste, set in recycled metal ribbons that flow in delicate lines to adorn and be adored.

Wonders abound with each new evolution. All will be available in-store or online at swarovski.com.