With Chinese New Year just around the corner, Swatch has created LUCKY MONKEY (SUOZ203), just in time to join the celebrations welcoming the Year of the Monkey.

Featured on the white dial of the new Chinese New Year Special is a red monkey. A closer look reveals that he is holding a peach — a clue that this is no ordinary monkey. In fact, this is the Monkey King, a hero of the classic Chinese fantasy novel, Journey to the West. A comic adventure written in the 17th century, it is full of fantastic tales. In a famous and still popular episode, the Monkey King steals and eats the Heavenly Peaches — which makes him immortal!

By reputation, a person born in the year of the Monkey is likely to be smart, witty, resourceful, creative, talented, and a fast learner — a lucky person indeed! Our mischievous little red monkey is certain, then, to bring all monkeys good luck in the year ahead!

The design of the watch owes much to the Chinese paper cut, a popular handicraft whose origins date to the 6th century and which remains an essential part of the festive decorations for the Chinese New Year. In particular, a monkey holding a peach is an auspicious sign of a long life and good health for seniors. The New Gent LUCKY MONKEY (SUOZ203) comes in a special sleeve with a colorful variation of the watch design. The red monkey with peach on the white dial is framed by a sky-blue plastic case and red, white and blue starburst decorations on a silicone bracelet.

LUCKY MONKEY (SUOZ203) is now available in all Swatch stores at the price HK $640.