23 May 2022 By May Ng

Switzerland-formulated EVOLCARE Biotics Series and Limited Edition Mask Set

A Switzerland-formulated, 100% Natural Actives and Clean Beauty Brand launches the brand new

In recent years, face masks have become part of our daily lives under the pandemic.
Wearing a mask all day inflicts skin with effects caused by heat and friction.
The humid environment imposed onto skin stimulates sebum secretion and creates a breeding ground for bacteria.
Increased oil secretion, germs and dead skin cells cause imbalance of your skin’s microbiome.
This results in various skin problems, including redness, acne, enlarged pores and dullness — commonly signs of “maskne”.
Biotics Series

Harmony Revitalising Toner | Rosé Probiotic Serum | Serene Prebiotic Gel Cream

Together with Limited Edition EVOLCARE x reMatter Biotic Series Mask Set

Rebalance and Restore Your Skin Microbiome to Alleviate And Prevent Maskne

Now available at both Online and Retail Stores
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Evolcare_2022_Biotics Series_Harmony Revitalising Toner