24 Jan 2024 By May Ng

Swoon over Hjem’s hearty Norwegian waffles for Valentine’s Day

A lovely special to celebrate the occasion

Sheung Wan’s Nordic cafe Hjem celebrates the day of love with a true Valentine’s treat, available from 14–18 February. Their signature Norwegian waffle sees a revamp for the occasion, transformed into a beautiful amaranth red to suit the special day celebrating love, across the five days.

Norway prides itself on their traditionally heart-shaped waffles, and things are no different at Hjem. Consumed across major holidays and special occasions, and enjoyed as a cozy homemade treat, heart-shaped waffles have formed a large part of Norway’s cultural fabric. Heart-shaped presses that are used to make these types of waffles make them thinner than their American or Belgian counterparts, with satisfyingly crisp edges, making it the perfect kind to enjoy at any time of day without feeling overly-indulgent.

While warm and delicious on its own, Hjem’s red heart waffles are served alongside a comforting cloud of whipped cream and a dollop of homemade lingonberry jam. The tartness of the berries perfectly complements the delicate and fluffy cream alongside the natural sweetness of the waffle – altogether making for one cozy bite.

Priced at $78, these Valentine’s waffles are perfect for anyone looking to woo their special person, or to put self-love into practice and treat themselves to a truly special plate of homemade waffles.

Hjem accepts walk-ins only.