22 Jun 2024 By May Ng


“SUMMER LOVE” refers to the temporary yet unforgettable love encountered during summer vacation or travel and the eternal loss that continues even after that love ends. Although it is a relationship driven by a momentary emotion, the time of feeling excitement by following the natural impulse of intense and instinctive attraction illuminates the duality of remaining as an unforgettable memory and a trace of love for someone for a lifetime. The collection is inspired by Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and explores the complexities of love, shades of pain, and the various aspects of emotional experience. In order to overcome the mixed reality of love and loss in the city, which is a vertically and horizontally disconnected space, another kind of love and romance is needed, and instinctive emotions are sometimes more important, rather than rational and intellectual judgment.

Lightweight materials such as linen and layered chiffon are used to express structural volume, while sophisticated layering and fluid tailoring are used to express the texture of various emotions. The low saturation, close to gray, as a point color brings a cool feeling to the overall collection, as well as feelings of sinking depression and loss. The bold but toned-down flower prints that can be seen throughout the collection is a sensual print inspired by the flowers bloomed in the love narrative of painter Georgia O’Keeffe and photographer Alfred Stieglitz.