T8: the Sign for Rarefied Teppanyaki

Beauty & the beef herald an exclusive Japanese dining experience

T8, where tradition unites with joyful appreciation of today’s fine living, will beef up the city’s teppanyaki scene. Opening in Lan Kwai Fong, Central, in October and led by expert teppanyaki chef and wagyu master Arthur Li and his culinary team, the new restaurant upholds the time-honoured skills and values of the elite Japanese dining speciality. Authenticity is key in a minimalist environment framed by natural wood, while modern expressions emerge from the warm, welcoming personalities of the chefs and the flair they show not only during cooking but also in an artistic plating style that is more contemporary than commonly found at the teppanyaki table.

One-of-a-Kind Authentic Miyazaki Wagyu

A5 Miyazaki wagyu steak, ribeye or tenderloin are the centerpieces of T8’s Deluxe Teppanyaki Dinner Set, which also showcases foie gras (with red-wine pear sauce), Ezo abalone, lobster (also served as a bisque) and uni fried rice. Australian and US beef are also available, and Australian lamb, Japanese pork, scallop (with black truffle miso sauce), clam (topped with mentaiko and doused in sake) and a variety of fresh veggies are among the mouth-watering array ready to be tossed onto the iron griddle.

While teppanyaki is undoubtedly the top draw at T8, a wide-ranging menu caters to Japanese food fans of all tastes and specialities. There are a dozen cuts of sashimi, as well as sushi. Lunch sets run the gamut from beef or seafood teppanyaki and to omakase sushi. The sake selection leans heavily toward junmai daiginjo from renowned sake breweries. Hakkaisan junmai ginjo, aged in snow for three years, is also a standout. Those who prefer to match their prime wagyu with a fine red can choose a Burgundian premier cru from a small, select wine list.

Tranquilized and Modern Space For The Utmost Teppanyaki Experience 

Exuding tradition with a modern edge, T8 is a harmony of warm-toned woods and neutral tones with a small sushi counter that greets diners at the entrance. Seating just six people, it reflects the intimate nature of the restaurant, where easy interaction between chef and diner is as valued as the abundance of riches on the menu. To the right is a glass-encased sake showcase; adjacent is the teppanyaki bar, curving at the far end to accommodate 10 comfortably. High-legged wooden stools with back rests remind of artist easels. The main dining room, sleek, sculpted and serene, culminates in two private teppanyaki rooms divided by sliding shoji. Both cater to parties of up to eight, one at a curved counter, the other around a table.

As the chefs ply their culinary art, diners will note that the blades in their hands are no ordinary slicers-and-dicers. They are armed with knives of legend. T8 has taken the unusual step of unfurling for daily use a duo of engraved, historical blades normally reserved for museum display. The straight-edged, square-ended Takohiki and the slender, sharply pointed Yanagiba sashimi knife were crafted by the second- and third-generation master swordsmiths respectively of the Mizuno Tanrenjo family, famed for forging the sickle atop the ancient Horyuji temple and creating wave-like patterns on their blades. Mizuno Tanrenjo was founded in 1872 in Sakai, Osaka, and remains one of Japan’s most important knife artisans.

Apart from the Mizuno Tanrenjo’s legacy, the works of up-and-coming Shouichi Hashimoto are also presented at T8 where they are used for cutting wagyu. Although Shouichi Hashimoto is young and has less experience in knife making than his predecessors, his creative juice really flows in his designs. Shouichi Hashimoto loves to use Damascus steel for his creations, coupled with the sophisticated style of the knives, which made him known as the “Metal Styling Creator” and the “Damascus Artist”.

When the restaurant fills and the chefs come alive at their stations, serenity melds into an atmosphere of bonhomie. The quality of the ingredients, the knives used to prepare them, and the beauty of the plating take precedence. T8 offers an exclusive, exquisite dining experience – tremendous teppanyaki, including the premium beef, and a sparkling sampling of the other Japanese delicacies besides.

Celebrate the Season of Jolly with Japan Delicacy

To welcome the festive season, T8 has specially curated an ultimate 9-course Christmas menu which is available for diners to indulge in on 24-25 and 31 Dec 2020. The special menu features the glorious A5 Miyazaki Wagyu beef steak with scrumptious teppanyaki Ezo Abalone and other delectable dishes.

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