14 Sep 2023 By May Ng

Taeyeon’s latest favorite: Benefit latest tints

Benefit’s latest lip tints: The New Class Collection

PLUSHTINT or SPLASHTINT? Go dewy or get matte? Discover Taeyeon’s favorite shades

Benefit’s latest releases, the Plushtint and Splashtint, have become the recent favorites of Taeyeon, a member of “Girls’ Generation”! Benefit Korea has announced that Taeyeon has become the official spokesperson for The New Class Lip Tint Collection in Korea, Benefit’s Korean official Instagram account has showcased her interpretation of various shades from the collection, and those shades have instantly become the bestsellers!

Plushtint: A luxurious matte lips

Plushtintis rich, it’s luxurious, and it feels oh so good. That’s right, it’s time to treat your lips to the 5-star tint experience they deserve.

Plushtint (12 shades available) – HK$215
Plushtint (12 shades available) – HK$215