Tanda :: Zap Power

It is late summer and early autumn now, temperature at night begun to make you feel more comfortable, and there are mid-autumn festival and national day holiday soon, it is the best time to have BBQ gathering. However, BBQ plus overnight celebration cause you acne easily. Zap Power can help you to slay the acne quickly and safely, it is your best partner against acne.

Tanda Zap Power features a triple threat of technologies – blue LED light, sonic vibration and gentle warming – that together are clinically proven to clear or fade acne blemishes within 24 hours. Simply treat each blemish for 2 minutes, 3 times a day. Zap Power starts working immediately to reduce redness, blemish size and inflammation, while destroying acne-causing bacteria on the skin surface without pain, irritation or dryness.


•    Starts clearing blemishes immediately
•    No dryness or irritation
•    Quick 2-minute treatments are easy to fit into a daily skincare regimen
•    Rechargeable and portable so its always ready to use anywhere, anytime
•    Can be used for all skin types

RETAIL PRICE: HK$ 790 – Exclusive Selling Points – Joyce Beauty Shop