28 Oct 2022 By May Ng


The early autumn breeze marks the arrival of the hairy crab season and from now until the end of December, New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel’s Chinese Head Chef So Kei Pak of Tao Li restaurant presents diners with a hearty feast made with hairy crabs specially selected from the acclaimed breeding grounds of China’s Jiangsu province.

Tao Li’s Steamed Jiangsu Hairy Crab with perilla leaves and Zhenjiang vinegar is the most classical way of showcasing the original flavour of hairy crab and preserving its appearance, aroma and taste to the utmost.  Chef So also highly recommends Steamed Glutinous Rice with Hairy Crab in Bamboo Basket.  The rice is infused with the flavours of conpoy, black mushrooms and dried shrimps, with a robust hairy crab coral sauce and a whole hairy crab on top.

Braised Egg White Dumplings with Hairy Crab Coral and Diced Chicken is also not-to-be-missed by lovers of the crustacean.  This nicely crafted delicacy with thin, translucent pan-fried egg white filled with crab coral and diced chicken topped off with bird’s nest, crab coral and gold leaf, is an irresistible combination incorporating different textures in one bite.

Other recommended dishes include Bird’s Nest Broth with Hairy Crab Coral, Diced Seafood and Bamboo Pith; Steamed Bean Curd and Shrimps with Hairy Crab Coral; Sautéed Hairy Crab Coral, Green Soybeans, Preserved Vegetables and Crystal Thick Noodles; Steamed Minced Pork with Hairy Crab Coral Dumplings; Hairy Crab Congee with Hairy Crab Coral and Shrimps, and more.

In addition to appreciating the creamy crab coral and luscious crabmeat of this seasonal delicacy, gourmets also prize Jiangsu’s hairy crabs for their nutritional value — they are high in protein, amino acids and calcium, and are beneficial to the immune system.

The Hairy Crab Feast à la carte menu is available for lunch and dinner at Tao Li daily.  Guests can also opt for a special seven-course set dinner menu priced at HKD2,280 for two persons, plus 10% service charge.

For more information or reservations, please call 2313 4222 or visit newworldmillenniumhotel.com.

Overlooking the spectacular Victoria Harbour, Tao Li is a celebrated restaurant offering an elegant selection of Cantonese fare and dim sum that combine traditional flavours with originality.  With 180 seats and five private rooms, the restaurant can be converted to a large function room for private and corporate gatherings.

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