If the thought of high tea feels quintessentially British, think again. Tastemaker extraordinaire Bonnae Gokson is creating another stylish afternoon tea set for yet another luxury fashion house – Ralph Lauren, to celebrate the launch of womenswear at the Landmark Prince’s flagship store. The brand has collaborated with SEVVA and will hold an All American Afternoon Tea there for the month – a high tea founded on favourite American flavours and inspired by the exclusive Cut Lace Capsule collection’s lace pattern.

Ralph Lauren Cut Lace Capsule_2 copy   Ralph Lauren Cut Lace Capsule
Ralph Lauren Cut Lace Capsule_Soft Ricky in WinterRose_HKD14,000 - Copy - Copy copyRalph Lauren Cut Lace Capsule_Soft Ricky in WinterRose_HKD14,000 –

Ms Gokson has been a fan of the brand for years and it was just 2014 when Mr Ralph Lauren himself, held a big book launch party at his Madison mansion in New York for Bonnae’s award winning book launch.

American Splendour
Ralph Lauren made waves among the fashion glitterati when it opened a stunning womenswear level at Landmark Prince’s, where interiors and collections at the store are the epitome of cool and calming chic. The 10,000 square-foot Ralph Lauren Landmark Prince’s store will now feature a premium assortment of the luxury Women’s Collection, in addition to the existing Men’s Purple Label apparel and accessories. The availability of womenswear adds a new dimension to this Ralph Lauren flagship store and enhances it as a must-visit luxury shopping destination in Hong Kong.

“Ralph Lauren stands for American traditional aesthetics, so I’ve created a high tea with time-honoured American favourites and including Ralph Lauren’s signature homemade carrot and cheese cake recipes to showcase the truly American taste” says Ms. Gokson, SEVVA’s stylish icon and founder.

The master of American fashion and the Mistress of Hong Kong high society put their heads together and formed a remarkable new take on an old classic, to be presented at SEVVA, Hong Kong’s most fashionable dining address located just minutes from Ralph Lauren’s Landmark Prince’s store.

Ralph Lauren Landmark Prince's Women's Floor 1 - 1MB copy
Ralph Lauren Landmark Prince’s Women’s Floor 1 
Ralph Lauren Landmark Prince's Women's Floor 2 - 1MB copyRalph-Lauren-Landmark-Princes-Womens-Floor 2
Ralph Lauren Landmark Prince's Women's Floor 3 - 1MB copyRalph Lauren Landmark Prince’s Women’s Floor 3

Star Spangled

Guests will be able to enjoy a plush tea set of 12 varieties of delectable nibbles such as Devilled Eggs with Bacon Crisps, Mac ‘n Cheese Spring Roll, Lobster & Avocado Sandwich, Chicken Waldorf Cup, Wagyu Beef Burger, Kurobuta Hot Dog, Peaches & Cream, Apple Crumble with Shaved Cheddar, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and Ralph Lauren’s Signature of Chocolate Brownie, Carrot and Cheese Cake. Also complimenting this scrumptious 3 tiered set will be a mini cake of chocolate print of Ralph Lauren classic handbag; The Soft Ricky, cut in lace effect. What can be more American than a banana split sundae in a cake to pare with this gorgeous design!

Wistful lace designs seen on pieces in the Cut Lace Capsule Collection are honoured in chocolate on Ms. Gokson’s signature cherry-topped Banana Split Sundae cake – itself a culinary classic. Chewy brownies are fashionably attired in red, white and blue stripes or in Ralph Lauren Spring Collection colours. Strawberries coated in white chocolate furnish the striking sweets display.

A full menu of curated teas is offered for selection to be enjoyed with SEVVA’s All American High Tea. Available at HK$820*.

image003 copysevva

SEVVA’s All American High Tea will be offered exclusively for just one month only, beginning May 12th until June 11th, 2016. High Tea is available on weekdays from 2:30pm – 5:00pm, and Saturdays from 3:00pm – 5:30pm.

For reservations or enquiries, please contact:
Tel: (852) 2537 1388
Fax: (852) 2521 3308
Email: reservations@sevva.hk
Website: www.sevva.hk
Address: S E V V A, 25/F Prince’s Building, 10 Chater Road, Central, Hong Kong