Since 2014, Tatcha has partnered with Room to Read, a San Francisco-based non-profit founded with the mission of creating a world free from illiteracy and gender inequality. It works to achieve its goal of benefiting 40 million children worldwide by 2025 by helping primary school-aged children in low-income communities develop literacy skills and a habit of reading through its Literacy Program, and working with secondary school-age girls to help them build the skills to succeed in school and negotiate key life decisions through its Girls’ Education Program.

Through their Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures Fund, a portion of every Tatcha purchase is invested in Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program. Operating in under-served communities across Asia and Africa, the program was founded with the belief that educated women can change the world. It helps girls stay in school longer, progress towards completion of secondary school, and acquire the skills and agency they need to make informed choices about their lives and realize their potential.

Rather than dollars donated, Tatcha measures the impact of this support in days of school. This figure represents the cumulative effort of mentors, teachers, and community members that help these young students thrive. By January 2021, Tatcha clients will have funded five million days of school for secondary school-aged girls, and as a thank you to their clients, whose generosity fuels this change, Tatcha is launching a limited edition value size of the bestselling Dewy Skin Cream, with 150% more of the bestselling formula.

Adorning the 75ml jar are wisteria, a symbol of kindness in Japan, meant to represent the children impacted by the support of Tatcha and its clients. Unusually fast-growing, these climbing botanicals thrive only when they can twist their vines around a sturdy support structure, allowing cascades of purple petals to flourish.


HK$690 for 75ml



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