10 Jan 2022 By May Ng

TATCHA | Limited Edition The Essence | advanced skincare boosting treatement

Resurface, soften, plump, and boost the effects of skincare with Tatcha’s Essence, now in a limited-edition bottle decorated with hand-painted plum blossoms, in celebration of Lunar New Year. In just 7 seconds, this potent formula increases hydration in the skin 576%*, revealing a primed, plump, petal-soft complexion. This simple yet transformative essence is now 100% Hadasei-3, a proprietary complex of the very superfoods core to the Japanese diet. 

This hand-painted bottle is decorated with the bloom of ume, or Japanese plum. Blooming during the Lunar New Year, this timeless botanical signifies the anticipation of the arrival of spring in Japan. These blossoming buds come to life even while still covered in the winter frost, acting as a first sign of the warmth ahead. In Japan, the delicate plum blossoms have long been associated with noble and faithful beauty, endurance, health, renewal, hope, prosperity, and inner strength.

The Hadasei-3 complex is rooted in an Akita rice ferment, which helps deliver nutrients directly into the skin. Moisture-retaining Okinawa algae replenishes the skin barrier, and antioxidant-rich Uji green tea protects the skin from premature aging. This trio of superfoods is fermented once more, boosting each of their transformative benefits therein. The double fermentation process generates amino acids and AHAs, including lactic acid, which support natural surface cell turnover for smooth skin.

HK$910 | 150 ml
HK$1,250 | 230ml
Available January 1, 2022 exclusively at Lane Crawford

Limited Edition The Essence | advanced skincare boosting treatement