6 Nov 2021 By May Ng

Tatcha Tie the world together through timeless gifts with an impact.


This holiday, Tatcha invites you to get wrapped up in giving. From an unforgettable unboxing to the carefully curated ritual inside, every thoughtful touch elevates your gift.

Tie together your wishes, their ritual, and a beautiful future with Tatcha’s complimentary furoshiki. The ritual of wrapping a gift in this timeless reusable cloth can be meditative: focus on the person for whom the gift is intended,
imbuing each knot and fold with a wish just for them.

Best of all, a gift of Tatcha is enduring, helping a beautiful future bloom through education equality. Since 2014, your Tatcha purchases have supported education equality in underserved communities worldwide.
This investment has funded 5.5 million days of school, and furthered Room to Read’s goal of benefitting 40 million children worldwide by 2025.

Research has shown that investing in education affects all other aspects of inequality, helping to close the gap between genders, racial and economic groups, and even improve health outcomes.
That’s why we are honored to expand our efforts domestically as Room to Read’s foundational partner in a new program supporting the education of children in underserved areas of the United States.
This holiday season, your Tatcha purchases will help children all over the world achieve a more beautiful future, and transform their lives.