The Fabulous Taveuni Island Resort

Reviewed by Andrew Kim

Away from the sprawling chain hotels and busyness of Fiji’s big island Viti Levu; containing popular family getaway Denarau Island, lies the gem of the South Pacific Ocean. Taveuni Island, aptly named the Garden Island amongst locals, promises everything a tropical island holiday should entail. A short 75 minute plane ride from the Nadi international airport, jetsetters seeking a luxury escape should look no farther. Marvel in the stunning reefs and tiny islands as you sail high above the most picturesque greens and blues and soar above the clouds. Diving enthusiasts flock to this stunning locale to explore the infamous Great White Wall dive site and Rainbow Reef corals. Taveuni truly is a magical destination filled with hidden rainforests, cascading waterfalls and crystal clear swimming hideaways.

Situated mere minutes from the island’s airport and stretched upon a sprawling property, lies the stunning Taveuni Island Resort. Sitting proudly at the top of the cliff, the resort offers incomparable views of the ocean and surrounding islands. Known as one of the top luxury resorts in Fiji, it’s no wonder this incredible venue holds as many awards as it does.

We were greeted at the airport by Do, one of the owners of the resort. Unlike many resorts scattered throughout more populated tourist areas in Fiji; a family of four, as opposed to a big corporation, owns The Taveuni Island Resort. Do and her husband Ric built the resort up from the ground over 40 years ago, all adding to the delightful charm of the hotel. With a rich and extensive history, the resort offers luxury with a personalised touch.

The lobby welcomes its guests with stunning panoramic views of the surroundings, featuring open walls and warm breezes. Step one foot onto the property and it automatically feels like a tropical vacation. With scenic backdrops of nothing but blue ocean and surrounded by lush green, The Taveuni Island Resort is a feast for the eyes. The well-kept gardens span the entire property, bathing it in bright colours and abundant plantations.

The restaurant/bar is follows a similar theme of being beautifully open, sitting proudly in the middle of the resort. Doubling also as a games and lounge room for guests to unwind after a day of exploring the stunning island, with a cocktail in hand, indulging in the live music provided each night. The seating area looks out over an expansive piece of land with the ocean stretched out below. An ocean view infinity pool hovers at the edge of the cliff, creating one of the best views to be found in Fiji. With islands spanning the horizon, The Taveuni Island Resort cannot be beat on its location and views.

With 12 luxury ocean front bures and one exclusive ocean front villas, guests can be certain that no matter which room they reside in, they can expect unparalleled views. We stayed in the Nuisawa bure, and could not have been more impressed when we were shown the room. Opening up huge double wooden doors, the spacious bure had a little kitchen space, dining table, lounge area and giant four-poster bed, complete with curtains and all. The large bathroom not only features an indoor shower, but an outdoor shower too, so you can continue to enjoy the endless sunshine. The room was clean, welcoming and helped you feel like you had your own privacy and space. However our favourite feature of the room was the glass double doors that opened up; offering a balcony complete with lounge chairs, obscured from view by greenery, and offering panoramic views of the pool and ocean. It was the perfect place to recline with a book in hand to watch the sunset in the distance. From here, watch the crystal clear ocean change colours as the tides change and marvel in the incredible island.

The staff, as mentioned by Do, included many local Fijian people, who were so kind and attentive. Each person could provide useful and insightful local tips about places to go and things to see. The team at the resort treated guests like family, and were always on hand to help. Meals were all included at the resort, which included choosing breakfasts from a menu, and interchanging lunch and dinner menus that featured an array of salads, soups, mains and desserts. Guests can choose between two options for lunch and dinner, with recipes representing both traditional Fijian dishes and foods from cultures all around the world. Guests can be ensured that all ingredients are fresh, with most produce coming from the property’s own farm, behind the resort. Beautiful fish is often found on the menu and all caught that day from local suppliers. For those looking for a romantic and secluded experience, the resort also has a private area closer to the ocean where couples can arrange for a romantic dinner, overlooking the sunset.

Another fantastic offering by the resort is the varying and extensive activities that guests can partake in. The resort has it’s own spa facilities which offer an array of services to help you relax. Horseback riding, golf, tennis and fishing are all options too, to ensure you get the most from your vacation. The resort additionally offers the opportunity for guests to explore some of the natural features of the island like attending guided treks through the Bouma World Heritage Park where you can walk to hidden waterfalls, spot exotic birds and take in stunning cliff top views. One of our must do activities was the Lavena Coastal Walk, where guests are taken by boat through the rainforest to cascading waterfalls, where you can swim through hidden ravines and underneath the waterfalls. Follow that up with an hour-long walk alongside the ocean, leading back to the village. The resort also offers diving, where guests can visit the world famous Great White Wall and Rainbow reef, where you can see some of the most amazing soft corals and fish. The staff is well versed in all things diving and will readily assist you at whatever level you may be at. If you are content to stay within the resort, there are activities like kayaking and snorkelling that can be done from the resort’s beach access, a very short walk away from the main area. No matter what your interests or intents for the holiday may be, it is guaranteed that there will be something offered by the resort to ensure you have your best holiday yet.

The Taveuni Island Resort is a beautiful, family owned resort. It offers guests the chance to come and escape. Allow yourself to be immersed in sunshine and sea salt as you relax and sample the breathtaking views. It is the perfect place for a true Fijian holiday.

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