1 Jun 2024 By AK

Thai Wisdom For Staying Balance During Seasonal Change by RAKxa Integrative Wellness

Located just outside Bangkok, RAKxa Integrative Wellness is Thailand’s leading medical wellness retreat where tradition, technology and nature combine to offer profound healing. The retreat’s harmonious integration of ancient wisdom with cutting-edge medicine creates a powerful synergy that amplifies benefits, enriching guests’ lives with profound results.

RAKxa’s Integrative Diagnostics delve deep into understanding of one’s health by identifying underlying imbalances. A range of comprehensive tests and assessments conducted by RAKxa’s interdisciplinary teams help to create the foundation for a personalised treatment plan, consisting of a thoughtful integration of time-tested wisdom and modern medicine from Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Traditional Thai Medicine, therapeutic spa, energy medicine and more.

As one of RAKxa’s therapeutic modalities, understanding one’s elemental constitution in Traditional Thai Medicine is fundamental to achieving balance and wellness. This ancient holistic approach perceives the human body as a composite of four essential elements: earth, water, wind, and fire. Each individual possesses a unique blend of these elements, determining their physical attributes, emotional temperaments, and potential health predispositions.

Traditional Thai Medicine identifies external factors that can disrupt the body’s equilibrium, significantly impacting an individual’s health. Environmental changes such as shifts in weather play a crucial role in this imbalance. In the meantime, lifestyle choices including diet, sleep patterns and physical activity also exert significant influence on one’s physical and mental health.

How Seasonal Change Affects The BodyIntegrative Diagnostics Wherein Body Elements And External Factors Are Taken Into Account

Identifying one’s elemental makeup is the first step towards personalised healing. First, Traditional Thai Medicine practitioners will calculate a guest’s natal chart based on the lunar calendar to identify on the elements and predict the tendency that he or she will experience any imbalances based on the time of fertilisation and birth.

Additionally, the guest may experience symptoms when the body is unable to adapt to external changes as follows:

  • Spring/Autumn: The wintry dryness and coldness can throw the system of fluid regulation (Semha system) off balance, causing increased sticky mucous production in the respiratory system, chesty cough, runny nose and respiratory tract infections such as common cold and flu.
  • Winter: The wind shift and climate variability of the wet season together with pollination can affect the system of bioelectricity (Vata system), affecting bowel movement and causing gastrointestinal discomfort. Some may be achy all over and have a headache or stuffy nose due to atmospheric pressure change.
  • Summer: The summery heat undoubtedly aggravates the system of metabolism (Pitta system), raising body temperature and making us feel uncomfortable. Some may get annoyed, tired easily, and experience inflamed and irritated skin. The body becomes dehydrated.