The authentic taste of Hong Kong – Hotel ICON “GO LOCAL” Afternoon tea at GREEN

Since 2011, Hotel ICON has opened its doors as the local branded luxury hotel. Committing to our “We Love To Care” philosophy, we strive to provide impeccable service and excellent facilities to all guests that have adventured to our establishment. To the memories made and experiences shared, we celebrate our 10th year anniversary by paying tribute to what resonates with us the most since childhood. By creating the GO LOCAL” Afternoon tea at Green, this is a token of appreciation to all of our loyal patrons’ continuous support and creating iconic moments unlike any other at Hotel ICON.

Led by our Acting Executive Chef Danny Ho, the “GO LOCAL” Afternoon tea is locally inspired by the age-old tradition in Hong Kong where locals would sit down for an afternoon break and enjoy timeless classics. Each cultural treats and delicacies has been carefully chosen. Freshly made in-house every day, all savoury and sweet delights require meticulous detail to craft all these themed items in Hong Kong “Cha Chaan Teng” style. To start the gourmet journey, The Hong Kong Style Pineapple Bun is something that you simply cannot miss. Created in the shape of a traditional pineapple bun, the tropical mango flavour has perfectly blended in with the crispy cheese choux. Inspired by everyone’s favourite street food –Fish Ball, the Deep Fried Peanut Ball is beyond indulgence to all diners! The chewy texture at first bite and the exotic peanut flavour at the end just takes the whole dessert to another level. If you are in love of a sweet vintage, the Coconut Milk Pudding with Red Beanvisualised as the traditional steamed rice cupcake – Put Chai Ko will never disappoint. And where would be without the flaky pastry crust that makes the Hokkaido Egg White Milk Tart with Bird Nest. Filled with silky Hokkaido milk custard, a taste of nostalgia and undeniable joy comes when the sweet and savoury flavour fuses together perfectly. Why not bring it all back with a touch of class that is the Chrysanthemum Tea with Goji Jelly, a traditional Chinese dessert infused by chrysanthemum tea with a modern and luxurious twist with Goji berry and gold leaf that makes everyone tip their hat with pride.

If the sweet treats are our Yin, then these gourmet savouries are our Yang and what better balance to share than with our Baby Abalone Tart with Caviar, Roasted Duck Roulade with Foie Gras and Hoi Sen Sauce, “Siu-Mai” with Crispy Garlic and Chilli and Chinese BBQ Pork with Chinese Rose Wine Skewer. Every single dish has a distinctive Hong Kong element that leaves you wanting more every single day of the week. And to top it all off, Diners are invited to indulgent the afternoon tea set at GREEN with two types of unlimited Hong Kong style soft serve, they are the silky and smooth “Bean Curd Dessert and “Red Bean” flavours with unlimited toppings including bird nest, hasma, peach gum and grass jelly.

“GO LOCAL” Afternoon tea will be available from 14 June 2021 inclusively from 3pm to 5pm and 5pm to 7pm daily, priced at HK$388+10% per person and HK$688+10% for 2.

Desiring to savour the decorative desserts at home? Not to worry, we have you covered! The ‘GO LOCAL’ takeaway Afternoon Tea allows you to enjoy in the comfort of your own space. Place your order at Hotel ICON’s e-shop now!

For enquiries or reservations, please call (852) 3400 1300 or email

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GO LOCAL” Afternoon tea at GREEN

Date: Starting from 14 June 2021
Serving Time: 3:00pm – 5:00pm & 5:00pm – 7:00pm
(subjected to HKSAR Government regulations)
Price: HK$388* per person | HK$688* for two persons

*Prices are subject to a 10% service charge

Venue: G/F, GREEN, Hotel ICON
Enquiries: (852) 3400 1300 or

GO LOCAL” Takeaway Afternoon tea at GREEN

Serving Date: Starting from 14 June 2021
Price: HK$568 (2 persons)
Venue: G/F, GREEN, Hotel ICON
Enquiries: (852) 3400 1343 or
Online shop: