29 Apr 2024 By AK

The Ayurvedic Path to Balance and Well-being at ÀNI Sri Lanka

ÀNI Sri Lanka, nestled on a pristine Indian Ocean location with verdant jungle surroundings, embraces the healing power of nature and the importance of community for physical and mental well-being. ÀNI Sri Lanka prioritizes meaningful experiences and togetherness. Their approach to living well rests on the cornerstone of balance, especially their approach to wellness. This philosophy is inspired by the principles of Ayurveda, India and Sri Lanka’s ancient healing system, meaning ‘the science of life’. In accordance with Ayurveda, the ÀNI Sri Lanka resort’s wellbeing offering spans several aspects, each supported by the others.

“Ayurveda is a tree that encompasses many branches including yoga, meditation, nutrition, medicine and life patterns. If we hold onto one branch, it is not Ayurveda. Basically, it is a balance of all things.” shares Manjula Wijekoon, an expert in-house Ayurvedic doctor, Spa Manager, physio and reflexologist of ÀNI Sri Lanka who leads the approach.

A Gastronomic Journey of Ayurvedic Wisdom

ÀNI Sri Lanka offers a diverse range of dining options that encompass a variety of global cuisines and menus, ensuring that each meal provides a unique and distinct experience. For guests with a particular interest in Ayurveda, ÀNI Sri Lanka offers a special and exclusive experience known as the Ayurveda lunch. This extraordinary dining experience takes place at a hidden location during the guest’s stay.

Guests will be transported to a remarkable 300-year-old colonial house, which is owned by a multigenerational family of Ayurvedic doctors. They will also have the opportunity to savor the exquisite Ayurvedic dishes meticulously crafted by Chef Cyril and his skilled team. These dishes are tailored to meet the specific health requirements and unique constitution, known as ‘dosha,’ of each guest as per Ayurvedic principles. The Ayurveda lunch experience goes beyond mere gastronomy, as it may also involve valuable dietary recommendations to enhance overall well-being. This could include suggestions to minimize the consumption of certain foods that may not be beneficial or, in rare cases, eliminate them entirely.

“I have an Ayurvedic food list, showing what food to avoid and favor, according to each dosha. In the food list, “avoid” does not mean to completely stop, especially if it’s your favorite. Asking people to stop things they are fond of, psychologically, creates depression and frustration. However, if a person eats certain products it can make the health condition worse, therefore we ask the person to stop taking those things, at least until it settled down. And then you can choose.” Manjula explains.

Rejuvenate and Unwind at ÀNI Sri Lanka
In line with its wellness ethos, ÀNI Sri Lanka prioritizes relaxation as a key component of the guest experience. Guests are invited to partake in guided meditations and indulge in a comprehensive selection of spa treatments, with the option to enjoy up to 15 sessions per day. These treatments encompass a variety of massage techniques, such as deep-tissue, aromatherapy, and sports massages, expertly administered by skilled therapists.

Furthermore, ÀNI Sri Lanka offers a range of traditional Ayurvedic therapies tailored to the individual needs of guests. These therapies can be enjoyed as standalone sessions or as part of extensive, multi-day programs thoughtfully curated by Manjula. The selection of Ayurvedic oils used in these treatments is carefully chosen based on the dosha and specific requirements of each guest, ensuring a highly personalized and effective experience.

Unlocking the Path to Balance with Ayurveda’s Four Dimensions
ÀNI Sri Lanka holds deep reverence for the connection with nature, spiritual well-being, and the importance of community and togetherness. Their philosophy of living well centres around the fundamental principle of balance.

In the words of Manjula, “We can perceive our lives as consisting of four interconnected dimensions. The first is our family life, which begins at birth. Losing a family member creates a sense of incompleteness, as we are emotionally attached to them. The second dimension is our professional life, which unfolds as we enter school and continue to pursue our careers. After 18 to 20 years, we embark on a job or business. The third dimension encompasses our personal life, where we choose our friends, allocate our time, and hold personal secrets. The fourth dimension is our spiritual life, encompassing our religion, ego, thoughts, reactions to nature, meditation, beliefs, humanity, kindness, and anger.”

Manjula emphasizes that excessive attachment to any one dimension can lead to the neglect of other aspects of our lives, resulting in an imbalance. According to Ayurveda, attaining equilibrium across these four dimensions is the key to living a balanced life. By achieving this balance, we not only nurture personal happiness but also contribute to the harmony and equilibrium of society. Sustaining all four dimensions is essential for our overall well-being and health, preventing feelings of sadness or depression.

At ÀNI Sri Lanka, these principles of balance, health, and happiness are deeply ingrained. Embark on a transformative journey of Ayurveda experiences at ÀNI Sri Lanka, where you can nurture holistic well-being. Discover the power of harmonizing the four dimensions of your life and unlock a path to profound balance and contentment.