8 Oct 2023 By May Ng

The Cakery Unveils Fall Collection Cozy Up This Season with The Cakery’s Selection of Comforting and Delicate Desserts

The Cakery embraces the upcoming cooling weather with comforting, warm fall flavors reimagined in luxurious health-conscious desserts.

The new collection once again demonstrates the brand’s ability to create guilt-free exquisite desserts, this time utilizing the beloved flavors of autumn in a craveable selection of pastries.

Taking full advantage of seasonal produce, The Cakery launches a comforting vegan home-style Apple Crumble (HK$380). The heartwarming pastry is filled to the brim with a delicious blend of fresh, tender granny smith and gala apples, all beautifully laced with fragrant cinnamon. To finish off the exquisite pie, a golden buttery and crumbly pastry is flawlessly spread over the top. Every bite will evoke a sense of nostalgia through warm scents and familiar flavors whilst making for the perfect centerpiece at any Thanksgiving gathering or holiday gift.

This fall, three magnificent vegan mille feuilles are the epitome of elegance, showcasing flawless golden layers of the complex feuilletage (all HK$288 for 4” and HK$768 for 7”). Back by popular demand is the decadent Salted Caramel Banana Mille Feuille, featuring air-light golden pastry layers that are held together by a sweet banana puree and caramel cream topped with caramelized banana. The Mont Blanc Mille Feuille honors traditional sweet chestnuts that tie in perfectly with the cooler weather. Ube enthusiasts can get their fix with the Ube Mille Feuille. The intricate French dessert is beautifully layered with a vibrant hue of purple cream made from fresh ube jam for a delightful buttery addition. All three desirable versions are available as Petite Mille Feuilles (HK$65 each) – an ideal choice for a cozy afternoon tea.

The Ube Mochi Cotton Cake (HK$580 for 6”, HK$920 for 8” and HK$1,260 for 10”) combines Asia’s uber ingredient with spongy chiffon, loaded with a smooth ube paste and handmade mochi. To bring out ube’s earthy vanilla notes, the cake is layered with sweet ube cream and finished with a sprinkling of desiccated coconut. The stunning cake is juxtaposed with a decadent, chewy oozing center that will have everyone reaching for seconds. This comforting ube mochi cotton cake is dairy-free, making it a wonderful choice for lactose-intolerant little ones and adults alike.

The Cakery’s beloved cupcake collection gains two autumnal delicacies: The Coconut Ube Cupcake (HK$50) puts forward a satisfying vegan vanilla cake recipe filled with a gooey ube jam center and velvety ube and coconut frosting for an extra burst of creamy goodness with every bite.

Black sesame lovers can opt for the gluten and dairy-free Men In Black Cupcake (HK$50), showcasing the rich and nutty taste of the nourishing Asian and vitamin-enriched ingredient. The baked good is topped with chewy mochi, paying homage to the traditional Tong Yuen dessert.

The fall collection is available now at all locations and will be available until mid-November.

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Coconut Ube Cupcake
Apple Crumble