The Capitol Hotel Tokyu Unveils Elegant Spa

Sublime therapy and relaxation for men and women “who appreciate the finest”
The Capitol Hotel Tokyu has unveiled its elegant spa – Carju Rajah TIADO – complementing the new Tokyo landmark’s core theme of Japanese culture and tradition.
Pursuing the ultimate essence of wellness and beauty, Carju Rajah TIADO fuses holistic and clinical treatments with sublime relaxation for both men and women “who appreciate the finest”.
Combining state-of-the-art treatments from east and west, the spa delivers body and facial treatments ranging from therapies to relax limbs, detox programs to skin revival, anti-ageing and stress relief treatments.
Even a personal barber is at hand to provide executives and guests the perfect tonic to freshen up with a haircut, shave and head massage.
Carju Rajah TIADO is named after a combination of Latin, English, French and Oriental words which together correspond to ‘high value jubilation and rejuvenation’.
Car is Latin for ‘high value’; ju is short for ‘jubilate’; and rajah is an Oriental interpretation of the French word rajeunir, meaning ‘rejuvenate’. TIADO represents a combination of ‘tiara’ jewelry and the French word ‘doux’.
Body treatments include Tuina massage based on Oriental medicine using Japanese essential oils to treat swollen legs and stiff shoulders; body scrub to remove dead skin; and exclusively for women, Ayurveda detox massage using warmed herbal oil and Shirodara head massage with warmed sesame oil.
Facials range from face tightening therapy with collagen and elastin to anti-ageing with pure retinol treatment, reviving firmness and elasticity to saggy skin. An anti-stress massage adjusts the metabolism to counter facial dullness and dryness.
The exquisite spa elegantly complements the newly-opened The Capitol Hotel Tokyu, which has been designed according to Japanese aesthetics by world famous architect Kengo Kuma.
Paying tribute to Japanese tradition and culture, the prestigious building distils the very best of traditional Japanese architectural principals in a breathtaking contemporary building.
It is located in a tranquil, green oasis in downtown Akasaka overlooking the city’s historic Hie Shrine and close to the Prime Minister’s official residence.
The Capitol Hotel Tokyu is on the site of the former Tokyo Hilton Hotel, which was opened in 1963 as the first global chain hotel in Japan. It was for years “the” address in Tokyo, and received many international VIPs and celebrities, including The Beatles during their world tour.
The original hotel was demolished to make way for Kengo Kuma’s new architectural masterpiece.
The Capitol Hotel Tokyu is a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts.
The Capitol Hotel Tokyu
Telephone:      +81-3-3503-0109
Address:          2-10-3, Nagata-cho, chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0014, Japan