The Chinese Restaurant Presents Chiu Chow Specialties

Born into a Chiu Chow family himself, Chef Wong Ho Kan is bringing an appetising array of Chiu Chow specialties to The Chinese Restaurant’s dining tables, available from now till 31 August 2021.

Renowned for its seafood and meat dishes, Chiu Chow cuisine is regarded as the premium choice for fine dining in Chinese cuisine.  While Chiu Chow bean sauce and fish sauce are the commonly used seasonings, this cuisine also focuses on elevating the rich seafood taste and fresh flavours of the high-quality ingredients.

Simmered fish maw with baby oyster, sponge gourd, fungus and chicken stock is a common dish consumed by the Chiu Chow people.  The essence of the dish is the chicken stock prepared by slow-simmering a pan-fried chicken for three hours, before manually grounding the flesh and bones into a delicious and nourishing soup base.  The fish maw is sandblasted to create a spongy texture and absorb the soup base thoroughly, with fish sauce and baby oyster to uplift the umami flavour.

Made with fresh and deboned Three Yellow Chicken, Stewed chicken in clay pot consists of pan-fried chicken pieces with long dried shrimps and Chiu Chow soy bean sauce.  The savoury chun cai, with its pickle-like flavour, is also added to the pot to enrich the overall taste and aroma.

Dried olive is one of the many popular ingredients in Chiu Chow cuisine.  Deep-fried spare ribs with dried olive and plum sauce is tender, juicy and succulent.  The infusion with plum sauce contributes to the sweet and sour flavour that delights the taste buds.  It is a common homemade dish among Chiu Chow families.

A variation from the traditional whole mullet fish, Mullet fish meat mixed with celtuce, cordyceps flower, soy bean paste and peanuts is a nicely plated cold dish with mullet fish shreds and other shredded ingredients.  It is a combination of firm, crisp and crunchy textures.

Pan-fried Chiu Chow e-fu noodle with Chinese chives is a renowned Chiu Chow dish, served sunny side up with a distinctive mix of textures; pan-fried on one side till golden and crispy, tender on the other.  It is served with black vinegar and sugar and is truly delectable.

Sweetened tapioca jelly and mung bean soup with rock sugar is a typical dessert found in Chiu Chow dessert shops.  The crystal-like tapioca jelly cubes handmade by chef have a chewy texture.  Together with the mung beans they create a delicious and soul-warming sweet soup which can cast the summer heat away.

Other Chiu Chow specialties include Pok choy wrap with dried scallop, Yunnan ham, pork, shrimp mousse, carrot, mushroom and broccoli, as well as Wok-fried beef short rib with kalian, Sacha sauce and nuts.  The menu can be viewed here.

The Chinese Restaurant combines modern art deco design masterfully blended with the essence of a traditional 1920s tea house serving authentic Cantonese dishes. Two private rooms are available for guests’ use as well.


–       Prices are subject to a 10% service charge.

–       Promotion is subject to change and government mandated restrictions on dine-in services.