9 May 2024 By May Ng

The City Exclusive Scent of Hong Kong – Bigarade 18 A Contemporary Mix of Bergamot, Neroli and Woods

Bigarade is quite a scented enigma that somehow manages for strong olfactive clashes to co-exist harmoniously together despite their inherent oppositions. It’s very classical – yet isn’t. It’s bright and very powerful; you can’t seem to breathe enough of it in…

And it’s simple. You take the best bergamot and neroli petals there are and mix it with the best musks out there, add a drop or two of woods, et voila! The resulting tension is like a tug of war between the classical smell of citruses and the warm and transgressive hum of dark notes and woods where there is never a clear winner.

BIGARADE 18 is rigid yet comfortable, classic yet contemporary, bright yet long-lasting. We dedicate this perfume to Hong Kong, the fragrant bay of old and new, rich with memories for us of classic smells of white florals and citruses mixed with all the discovery and grandeur.

Freshly blended and labeled by hand with a message of your choice.

Genderless, vegan and cruelty-free.

Year- Round: Available only in Hong Kong labs and select corners (retailers). 50ml, 100ml and 500ml bottles can be refilled with the same scent in select labs, worldwide

September 1-30: Available on the Le Labo Fragrances website, in labs and in-store at select corners (retailers) worldwide

Size: 1.5ml / 15ml / 50ml / 100ml / 500ml