The Connaught Butlers Brush Up With The Arrival of The Bespoke John Lobb Shoeshine Chair in London

The Connaught, the landmark hotel in London’s stylish Mayfair, introduces the John Lobb shoeshine chair, taking its hallmark butler service to the next level. Specially trained by John Lobb at the factory in Northampton, The Connaught butlers are set to raise the bar in the world of polish and shine.
Known for their eye for detail, The Connaught butler’s shoeshine experience offers much more than a quick buff. Only the finest John Lobb materials are used including brushes, cloth, wax and polish, and guests are offered a Connaught martini or drink of choice upon arrival to enhance the overall experience.
A selection of national and international newspapers and magazines is available, creating some proper downtime, and for the finishing touch, the gentleman’s jacket is whisked away by the valet for a steam press whilst the shoeshine is taking place. The overall experience lasts approximately 30 minutes.
The John Lobb shoeshine is available to both hotel guests and visitors and reservations can be made up to 24-hours in advance via email on
Located on the first floor landing of The Connaught, next to the iconic mahogany staircase, the John Lobb shoeshine chair has been designed by Rena Dumas and the Design Department of her interior design firm RDAI. The chair was developed from the knowledge and practice of the street shoe-shiner, a time-honoured profession but forgotten craft. Economy of movement and the privileged relationship between the shoe-shiner and his customer were both key to the design brief.
The shoeshine chair is clad in tobacco coloured buffalo leather, with a distinctively masculine silhouette and sober, carefully streamlined design which were imperative to ensure that, when unattended, the chair could stand handsomely but remain unobtrusive. The wooden stool and toolbox are as integral to the shoeshine experience as the podium itself, which features two precisely placed nickel-plated brass footrests moulded with John Lobb’s initials. Similarly, the chair’s height and proportion have been optimised to create an equal rapport between the shoe-shiner and the customer.
The John Lobb shoeshine at The Connaught is priced at £30 per session and reservations can be made via Reservations should be made with 24-hour notice and can be booked between the hours of 8.00AM and 9.00PM.