The Debut Launch of Bouchier by Designer Melinda Zeman


A new bold, globally minded fine-jewellery house from Hong Kong,

devoted to diamonds and street-chic women.

On Pedder is proud to announce the debut launch of Bouchier, by designer Melinda Zeman, with a special event at On Pedder New World Tower in early March 2021.

(2021年2月1日,香港)On Pedder 隆重宣布, 香港設計師Melinda Zeman 的首個珠寶品牌BOUCHIER將於2021年3月上旬在中環新世界大廈On Pedder展出多個不同風格的系列。

Established in Hong Kong in 2019 by Melinda Zeman, who is half-Chinese/half-Ghanaian, the fine-jewellery house captures her multi-cultural sensibility and targets modern, self-determined, independent women who make bold, “playful luxury” style statements. “Bouchier uses diamonds, 18K gold and precious gemstones to create pieces to express your personality — which could be classic or cutting-edge, but not pretentious,” Zeman says.

BOUCHIER由中非混血兒Melinda Zeman於2019年在香港創立,其作品充分展現她多元化的時尚觸覺和獨立自主的當代女性特質,打造出前衛跳脫而不失奢華的獨特風格。Zeman說道:「Bouchier的產品以瑰麗堂皇的鑽石、18K金和珍貴的寶石設計來突出個人魅力,既屬經典,也是尖端前衛,平日佩戴不會顯得太過隆重。」

Enchanted by jewellery from a young age, Zeman’s creative inspirations have ranged from traditional Chinese period dramas, where elegant female characters were adorned in intricate gold pieces, to the golden age of MTV, where hip-hop artists, R’n’B singers and pop icons expressed their bold, individual, decorated style. “Beyond a status symbol,” she explains, “I learned that jewellery signified poise and confidence.”

Melinda自小對珠寶首飾非常迷戀,她的創作靈感從中國古裝劇中女角色配戴金壁輝煌的首飾,還有經典 MTV 內大膽前衛的嘻哈和R&B歌手造型風格。她解釋說:「我了解到珠寶除了是身份的象徵,亦象徵著優雅與自信。」

Bouchier’s best-sellers and iconic pieces will be available at the On Pedder special event. The innovative, eye-catching curations range from “huggie” small-hoop earrings to chain-inspired bracelets and rings, as well as stackable twist-tie rings with a neon touch. Guests will be invited to meet the designer as well as place custom requests — particularly for made-to-order ring and bracelet sizing.

Bouchier一系列熱賣和標誌性單品將於On Pedder的特別展覽中有售。破格創新,耀眼奪目的款式包括「huggie」小圈耳環到鏈環設計的手鏈和戒指,以及帶有螢光配色的扭結設計等。設計師亦會親臨展覽現場與客人面交流,展覽亦提供戒指和手鐲尺寸定制服務。

“Bouchier is synonymous with luxury and unabashed playfulness,” Zeman adds. “I believe every day should be vibrant, with room for adaptability, and wearing jewellery should always be a thrill.”

Melinda補充:「Bouchier是代表著奢華與玩味兼備的代名詞,希望能為佩戴者帶來自信和喜悅。我認為每一天都應該要充滿活力,給予自己想像空間 。」