The diptyque Hour Glass Diffuser A new scent – Ambre

In 2012, diptyque introduced a breakthrough Hour Glass Diffuser that takes you to new worlds, in the purest diptyque tradition. Simply turn the hour glass over, a heavy diffuse perfume, drop by drop, evoking far-off horizons and timeless journeys. Within the framework of the 44th Club des Directeurs Artistiques awards, the Hour Glass Diffuser received an award in the Design category.

A new scent:Ambre
–       An enigmatic scent blends with an infusion of warm woody and exotic leathery notes.

Hour Glass Diffuser with one refill – $1,480/set (Each diffuser can refill three times)
Hour Glass Diffuser refill – $500/piece (One refill will last 2 and 1/2 months)