24 Nov 2021 By AWAY IN STYLE

The Exotic Chalet Ivy Jozankei Sapporo

Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) is delighted to announce the joining of Chalet Ivy Jozankei as their first member hotel in Sapporo’s hot spring resort town of Jozankei, one of Hokkaido’s best-known hot springs areas. Set right on the banks of Toyohira River amidst the dense forest of Shikotsu-Toya National Park, the ryokan-style hotel’s minimalist design blends Japanese tradition and luxury with every modern convenience. It is developed by iconic Niseko real estate developer Ivy Hospitality Group following their success with Chalet Ivy Hirafu.

Once inside the hotel lobby, the mesmerizing seasonal landscape of Jozankei spread across the wide window of their “yukimidai” (snow-viewing platform) leaves one spellbound. Blessed in rich natural beauty, each season brings a different colour and character seemingly straight out of a painting, from a surreal winter scene, the vitality of the forest that can be felt through varying shades of green and colourful blooms during spring to summer period, to the stunning golden hues of autumn foliage which the Jozankei area is renowned for.

Spread over 5 floors, Chalet Ivy Jozankei’s twenty-six tastefully-decorated suites are divided into four room types ranging from 67 to 137sqm. Every room has its own private tenboburo (an onsen bath with a view of Jozankei area) in addition to a public rotenburo (outdoor onsen). Drawn directly from the Toyohira River, the water from these sodium chloride springs is transparent and contains natural salts that softens the skin and leaves one feeling warm for quite a while afterward. Spring water temperatures are about 60 to 80 degrees Celsius at source and adjusted daily at the hotel according to conditions such as the season, weather and air temperature to provide a comfortable bathing experience.To fully immerse in the wellness experience, in-house Spa Nikur’s unique “Tea-Nature-Aroma” signature program incorporates the traditions of the indigenous Ainu people and natural features of the land to help with healing and relaxation.

Meals served at Dining ZUI are prepared by Executive Chef Takuya Ito, who has served as the official residence chef of the Embassy of Japan in Singapore and head chef at Kyoto Nadaman. Seasonal ingredients from Hokkaido are carefully selected and presented as modern, playful dishes of traditional Japanese kaiseki cuisine combining Western ingredients and techniques. Chef Ito’s dishes, which are “simple, fun to look at, and delicious” are best paired with Hokkaido wines and popular Japanese sakes recommended by the hotel’s senior sommelier Kenta Kawaguchi. The teppanyaki kaiseki menu offers a private dining experience.

The hotel is also furnished with a 24-hour lounge, cigar room and a mini theater that can be booked for private use. During the stay, guests are supported from a comfortable distance in the spirit of Japanese “omotenashi” hospitality that characterizes the distinctive ryokan experience.

Bryan Fuji Yamase, General Manager at Chalet Ivy Jozankei comments: “Our property opened in Jozankei Onsen two years ago with the ambitious goal of becoming the highest-grade hotel in Hokkaido. It is a tremendous honor to be an SLH member, and being part of SLH’s brand network gives us the opportunity to make our hotel known internationally. We look forward to welcoming guests across the globe to visit Sapporo and staying with us at Chalet Ivy Jozankei.”

Mark Wong, Senior Vice President Asia Pacific, Small Luxury Hotels of the World, says: “We are delighted to have Chalet Ivy Jozankei join the SLH brand. Our network of 13 member hotels is well-distributed throughout Japan offering a range of varied local experiences. The country is also one of the most in-demand destinations for SLH members. Chalet Ivy Jozankei will no doubt provide an ideal holiday option and a good complement to our current member hotels in Niseko to create a Hokkaido itinerary as we approach this winter season – its location is perfect for those who want to enjoy snow activities at nearby ski resorts such as the Sapporo International Ski Resort during the day and enjoy the hot springs at night.”

A special annual winter event to look forward to is “Jozankei yukitoro” (Path of Snow Lanterns). Held during the early part of February over five days at the Jozankei Shrine just a few steps away from Chalet Ivy Jozankei, 2,000 snow lanterns illuminate the area creating a fairytale-like winter atmosphere. Local residents purchase a snow lantern for 500 yen, write their wishes on the surface of the wax lantern and light up a candle. If the candle does not blow out before they carry it to the Snow Tower, their wishes will come true.

Rooms start from JPY104,000 per night inclusive of two meals. 





全球奢華精品酒店 (SLH) 喜迎新成員酒店定山溪查理特酒店 (Chalet Ivy Jozankei) 加入。這家酒店位於札幌的溫泉度假小鎮定山溪,也是 SLH 在這個北海道最著名溫泉小鎮中的第一家成員酒店。這家極富日式情調的日式酒店位於豐平川河畔,藏于支笏洞爺國立公園的茂密綠意之中,以簡約的設計語言演繹日本傳統奢華格調,以齊全的現代設施帶來最舒適的下榻體驗。該酒店由新雪谷著名房地產開發商 Ivy Hospitality Group 繼高檔酒店 比羅夫查理特酒店(Chalet Ivy Hirafu)後的另一傑作。


定山溪查理特酒店建築共 5 層,26 套風格典雅的套房,四種房型,面積從 67 至 137 平方米不等。酒店內除了配有 rotenburo 公共露天溫泉,每個房間還有私人 rotenburo 溫泉浴設施,可以盡情欣賞定山溪美不勝收的自然風光。來自豐平川的清澈溫泉水富含天然鹽分,具有滋養和軟化皮膚的功效,身體在離開溫泉後仍可長時間保持溫暖舒適的感受。溫泉源頭的水溫約為 60-80 攝氏度,酒店每天會根據季節、氣候和氣溫等情況進行調試,確保客人獲得最愜意的泡湯體驗。為了提供真正的沉浸式身心呵護體驗,酒店的水療中心 Spa Nikur 推出特色護理項目 [Tea-Nature-Aroma],借鑒日本北方原住民阿伊努人的傳統理念,融入這片土地的自然特徵,具有極佳的療愈和放鬆功效。

而對於熱愛美食的客人,酒店的 Dining ZUI 餐廳是不容錯過的味蕾犒賞。行政主廚 Takuya Ito 曾擔任日本駐新加坡大使館和京都 Kyoto Nadaman 酒店的總廚,具有令人讚不絕口的非凡廚藝。餐廳精選北海道的時令食材,與西方食材和廚藝相結合,以更靈動現代的方式演繹傳統日本懷石料理。Takuya Ito 秉承「美味一定是簡單而有趣的」做出一道道令人垂涎的佳餚,結合酒店高級侍酒師 Kenta Kawaguchi 推薦的北海道葡萄酒和日本清酒,體驗真正的日式舌尖盛宴。鐵板燒懷石料理還為客人提供私人用餐服務。

酒店設有 24 小時休息室、雪茄室和需預訂的私人迷你劇院。在下榻期間,酒店服務人員將在保持社交距離的前提下,為客人提供傳統日式旅館特有的溫馨服務,讓您感受到正宗的日式待客之道。

定山溪查理特酒店總經理 Bryan Fuji Yamase 表示:「我們這家位於定山溪溫泉的酒店在兩年前開業,致力於打造北海道最頂級的度假酒店。能夠成為 SLH 成員是我們莫大的榮耀。作為這個著名酒店品牌網路的一份子,我們今後將有更多機會向世界各地的客人展示酒店。衷心期待四海賓朋光臨札幌並下榻定山溪查理特酒店。」

全球奢華精品酒店亞太區高級副總裁黃坤德說:「很高興定山溪查理特酒店加入 SLH 品牌。我們在日本各地共有 13 家成員酒店,提供精彩紛呈的正宗日式體驗。日本目前是 SLH網路中最熱門的旅遊目的地之一。毫無疑問,定山溪查理特酒店是度假放鬆的理想入住之選。它的地點毗鄰滑雪勝地,酒店內提供舒適的溫泉設施。最適合白天到札幌國際滑雪場運動,晚上在溫泉中放鬆身心。因此,它是我們在新雪谷現有成員酒店的理想補充,讓客人可以為即將到來的冬季,規劃更精彩的北海道行程。」

一年一度的冬季特別活動「定山溪雪燈路」 (雪燈路)尤其令人期待。2 月初,距離酒店幾步之遙的定山溪神社將舉行為期五天的雪燈路活動:2,000 盞雪燈點亮整個地區,營造出冬日童話般的迷人氛圍。當地人會購買一盞雪燈(500 日元),在燈籠的表面自己的願望,點燃蠟燭,將其帶到雪塔處,如果蠟燭在沿途一直沒有被吹滅,就代表他們的願望將會成真。

客房每晚 104,000 日元(港幣 7,100元) 起,含兩餐。