The Festive Taste of December Travel to a Christmas Village in France with Seasons by Olivier E. @ Lee Garden Two

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To celebrate the upcoming festive season, Michelin star-winning restaurant Seasons by Olivier E. invites you and your loved ones to take a delicious journey to a colourful Christmas village in France, through the alluring tastes and aromas of the holiday feast.

Available between 1 and 31 December 2016, this year’s feast will be offered as a four- or five-course set menu, priced respectively at HK$988 and HK$1,188 per person. Each carefully designed dish represents the consummate union of expert culinary craftsmanship and premium seasonal ingredients, including Balik salmon, Hokkaido scallops, lobster, black truffles and beef tenderloins. Touches of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts enliven the atmosphere as the aroma of a charcoal fire beckons you closer to the grill of a warm festive farmhouse.

For an even more indulgent experience, visit us on 24 December (Christmas Eve) or 25 December (Christmas Day), when the feast will feature an additional exclusive course. On 31 December (New Year’s Eve), a special cheese dish and pre-dessert course will further adorn the menu.

The French Christmas Village Festive Menu
Balik Salmon “Croustillant”, Cauliflower & Yuzu Cream
Our cheerful Christmas carol begins with an exquisite salmon cocktail served in a shimmering glass to evoke a beautiful burst of colour in a wintery forest. On top of the smooth cauliflower and yuzu cream, the bright and famous orange Balik Salmon peeks through like leaves in snow. The luscious, gentle texture echoes the soft veggie cream, creating a refreshing harmony that captivates the senses.

Seared Hokkaido Scallops, Seaweed Butter & Jerusalem Artichoke
The Jerusalem artichoke brings a touch of sun to our winter’s feast, enhancing the fresh taste of juicy Hokkaido scallops that have been seared in seaweed butter to bring out their lovely golden colour. Savour the sweetness of the seafood, the fresh aroma of the sea, and the enchanting taste of seaweed as they sing together on the same plate.

Maine Lobster Fricassée, Chestnut Confit, Sautéed Potatoes & Lobster Bisque
This delightful lobster duo is a wonderful two-dish interpretation of a holiday favourite. The lobster meat is cooked as a French stew, which locks the juice into the meat while preserving its fresh flavour, and the chestnut confit adds a festive Christmas aroma to the dish. Meanwhile, the creamy roe hidden within the lobster head melts into the lobster bisque to deliver an irresistible taste.

Charcoal Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Truffle & “Gaufrette” Potatoes
Follow the aroma of a charcoal grill and be tempted by the sizzle of this roasted beef, its luscious juices glistening against its rosy pink meat. The crunchy texture of the crispy fried potatoes and unique personality of the black truffle juice perfectly complement the succulent tenderloin. The delicate fragrance of the truffle blended with the scent of charcoal is simply enchanting.

Christmas Pudding & Gingerbread Ice Cream
Between two white chocolate trees, a dark chocolate candy house invites you to a sweet wonderland. Under a roof of chestnut snowy cream and fresh cranberries, the delicate taste of cinnamon Christmas pudding and homemade gingerbread ice cream hide, waiting to be discovered.

Festive Dishes
24 December (Christmas Eve) Dinner | 25 December (Christmas Day) Dinner
Hokkaido Sea Urchin, Gingerbread & Mulled Wine Jelly
On the night of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, Seasons’ feast will feature a sixth course: Hokkaido Sea Urchin, Gingerbread & Mulled Wine Jelly. This exclusive six-course set menu is priced at HK$1,888 per person. Redefine the classic taste of Christmas with this innovative combination of sea urchin, gingerbread and soft mulled wine jelly.

31 December (New Year’s Eve) Dinner
The New Year’s Eve menu at Seasons will feature two more courses on top of the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day menu, including a cheese dish and pre-dessert, priced at HK$1,988 per person, inviting you to welcome 2017 with a sumptuous feast.

Seasons’ sommeliers are happy to help you pair your feast with the perfect wine to deliver the complete French Christmas Village experience. Wine pairing suggestions will be available in three, four and six glasses options, priced at HK$498, HK$598 and HK$698, respectively.

On 24 (Christmas Eve) & 25 December (Christmas Day), à la carte menu at Seasons will be available. A few new dishes have been introduced in the menu such as Tenderloin “Chateaubriand” Pastrami, Mashed Potato and Seasonal Vegetable with Truffle Sauce. This festive dish is a twist on the signature Grilled Holstein rib eye and shallots cooked in red wine, crowning the tender beef tenderloin with pastrami and rosemary on a fragrant wooden slab. Upon opening the box, the impressive bouquet of rosemary welcomes you. The different textures and flavours of the beef tenderloin and the pastrami deliver an unforgettable sensory experience.

Early bird offer
15% early bird festive offer is available for the dinner menu of Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. To enjoy the offer on Christmas Eve dinner menu, guests are required to make their booking with deposit settled on or before 3rd Dec (Sat). To enjoy the offer on New Year’s Eve dinner menu, guests are required to make their booking with deposit settled on or before 17th Dec (Sat).

Advance reservations are highly recommended. For bookings or enquiries, please call 2505 6228.