The Future of Yachting: Benetti Yachts

The Future of Yachting: Benetti Yachts Commits to Reduce Carbon Footprint

across Family-Owned Business

From shipyard investment to innovative yachts, Benetti has been an industry leader in sustainably-minded innovation since 2002 with the introduction of the first hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system, “65-metre Ambrosia yacht”. One of the world’s leading superyacht builders, Benetti is part of a forward-thinking, family-owned business that understands that yachts are a family activity to enjoy one of nature’s greatest treasures: the open sea. With this mindset, Benetti commits to navigate how to limit or reduce carbon footprint across construction, design and protection so that yacht owners have options.

“At Benetti, we deliver our enduring passion for the sea and for sailing by combining Italian craftsmanship and innovation into every yacht we design and build. Following the pandemic, we’ve accelerated our commitment to reduce carbon footprint. It’s time, money and resources that we feel are worth it,” says  Peter Mahony, General Manager at Benetti Yachts Asia. He continues, “Fortunately, the Benetti company mission is supported by a growing trend across Asia for innovative and forward-thinking options. With a Benetti yacht, we have the sweet spot where green awareness technology meets the utmost quality and comfort, which is possible through constant innovation and research.”

Sustainable Shipyard Improvements

Benetti Yachts has been implementing improvements at the Livorno and Viareggio Italian shipyards to enhance energy efficiency and reduce both pollution and waste at the source. Benetti looks at every possible way to improve the production cycle including reducing water waste, reducing fuel consumption with new high-power stations for moored Giga yachts of over 100 metres, replacing incandescent light bulbs with LED lamps to reduce 70% of energy consumption, installing a photovoltaic plant and a sophisticated solar thermal system to reduce 50% of methane greenhouse gases and insulating the Livorno shipyard sheds with cladding to enhance energy efficiency at thermal and acoustic levels.

Improving Yacht Energy Efficiency

Benetti’s design efforts are primarily focused on the hybrid engines to reduce fuel consumption and  harmful CO2 emissions. Most of the yachts have the option to be equipped with innovative propulsion systems and carefully-chosen materials while advancing propulsion systems and improving onboard energy efficiency.

Both the 107-metre giga yacht Benetti FB272 Luminosity gigayacht and Asia market-favourite, the Benetti B.Yond 37M, are equipped with hybrid propulsion systems to reduce environmental impact and fuel consumption. Luminosity, the biggest hybrid in the world features an intelligent propulsion system developed by top industry experts co-ordinated by Benetti’s Technical Department. While B.Yond 37M is a popular yacht in the Asian market due to its reduced environmental impact with the hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system developed by the Siemens Marine Global Competence Centre in Italy. The many optimized hybrid engines integrations available from Benetti  don’t sacrifice comfort or style.

Another key design is FAST125, a 38-metre yacht with an innovative D2P – Displacement to Planing® hull designed by Pierluigi Ausonio architects in conjunction with the Azimut|Benetti Research and Development Centre. It allow for reduced energy consumption at low speeds and planing mode at higher speeds while always maintaining maximum comfort on board. The Rolls Royce propulsion system significantly reduces disruptive noise and vibration. FAST125 is also built with a lightweight, high performance, steerable thruster made entirely from carbon fiber for a streamlined layout and weight reduction for reduced fuel consumption.

In addition to shipyard investment and product innovation, Benetti Yachts also supports efforts to bring awareness, drive support and protect the ocean and marine ecology as much as possible. Benetti will continue as gold sponsor of the 2021 New Zealand Millennium Cup regatta, which is a certified clean regatta empowering sailors with tips and resources to implement sustainability initiatives. Benetti will also sponsor the 2021 Superyacht Gathering in New Zealand to bring awareness and action for ocean protection.

A long-time supporter of the Water Revolution Foundation and the Blue Marine Foundation, both of which aim to protect marine ecology, Benetti hopes to be part of the yacht industry that considers future impact.

In 2021 Benetti plans to continue seeking options that allow for consumers to discover yachts with a future mindset by bringing cutting-edge technology options to yacht owners around the world.