16 Jan 2024 By May Ng

The Gift of Diptyque – Celebrate Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day with limited-edition olfactory offerings

Diptyque, the legendary French perfumer and pioneer of luxurious scent experiences, is welcoming the Year of the Dragon and Valentine’s Day with a series of exquisite gifts created especially for each celebratory occasion. Delight family, friends or that special someone with the brand’s first-ever limited-edition L’Eau Papier for Lunar New Year, featuring bold artwork by Chinese calligrapher Ao Hei, and a limited-edition Valentine’s Day candle set with the best-selling scents – Baies and Roses presented in a playful, pop-inspired design.

Paper has always been at the core of Lunar New Year celebrations due to its significance in Chinese history. Since its invention in the country some 2,000 years ago, paper has been a canvas for imagination, creation and self-expression. It has also served as the inspiration for Diptyque’s L’Eau de Papier Eau de Toilette, a fascinating blend of white musk, mimosa, blonde wood and rice steam that celebrates the moment – suspended in time – when hand, ink and paper become one.

For the Year of the Dragon, Diptyque pays tribute to the poetry of ink on paper with an artistic interpretation of L’Eau Papier by emerging Chinese artist Ao Hei. To him, sight, scent and touch come together to form a three-dimensional landscape, and the character “Paper” in calligraphy creates the same feeling as the sensory experience that L’Eau Papier conveys – bold yet elegant and full of possibilities. Through his contemporary practice of Chinese calligraphy, Ao Hei breathes new life into this year’s limited-edition box design. Featuring the characters for “Dragon” and “Paper” in shiny black ink on a red background enhanced with touches of gold, Ao Hei reinterprets the emblematic codes of the season in the form of abstract calligraphy. The illustration on the bottle is also adorned with gold, with elements of transparency revealing shades of ink on paper.

L’Eau Papier – Limited edition Eau de toilette HK$1,220 (100ml)
A first-of-its-kind collaboration delivering messages of luck, hope and love for 2024
Available January 4th to February 20th, 2024

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, customers will receive a complimentary box of red packets featuring Ao Hei’s design upon purchase of HK$800 in store and online.

The spirit of reinvention continues for Valentine’s Day, with a limited-edition candle set that celebrates encounters and unions – of hearts and scents. Baies (Berries) and Roses, both best sellers in Diptyque’s classic candle series, were made to go together with a blend of green notes and blooming rose bushes evoking a wild, romantic garden. Now the inseparable duo are offered together in a whimsical new design that takes a playful, pop approach to the codes of love, their emblematic ovals in shades of fuchsia and pale pink intertwining to become one and form the shape of a heart.

Baies (Berries) and Roses Duo (Valentine’s Day Edition) HK$1,200

Available January 16th to February 14th, 2024

Customers will receive a complimentary Valentine’s Day Limited match box upon purchase of the Duo or any items (including 1 candle) of HK$1,200 in store and online.

Enchant your loved ones with style, scent and moments to remember this Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day with the one and only gift of Diptyque.

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