23 Mar 2024 By May Ng


The latest SLIM LIP COLOR SHINE collection is TOM FORD BEAUTY’s modern expression of the TOM FORD woman, a fascinating and coveted lightweight luxury lip accessory that evokes a sense of elegance and luxury. The brand invited Hong Kong fashion icons, the girl group TWINS, Charlene Choi (Sa) and Gillian Chung (Gill), featuring the brand’s new collection in the latest campaign photos and video, which showcased TOM FORD’s unique yet irresistible make-up style.

Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung perfectly showcased the seductive femininity of TOM FORD in Styles 1 and 2, dressed in the SUMMER 24 Collection Womenswear with SLIM LIP COLOR SHINE collection.

Style 1
Charlene was dressed in a sexy halter knit dress with the classic TOM FORD #100 100 SLIM LIP COLOR SHINE. #100 is a classic TOM FORD brown rosy tone in a sharp and vibrant color dresses your lips in exquisite chicness; Gillian was dressed in a long-sleeved brown knit dress with the collection’s #154 First Look. #154 is a nude brown color with red undertones, the most versatile color exuding irresistible elegance.

Style 2
Charlene and Gillian changed to all-black TOM FORD SUMMER 24 Womenswear in style too with all-new color tones from SLIM LIP COLOR SHINE which showcase quiet elegance. #151 Iconic Nude was included in Charlene’s makeup style which is a warm peachy coral tone that goes with different skin colors and highlights natural lip colors, curating a sensual beauty looks; while Gillian’s make up featured the #150 Open Back with a milky brown nude color that highlight your skin tones exuding a luxurious elegance, a timeless color could be paired perfectly with every makeup and outfit styles.