The Legian – Bali

A True Oasis

Whenever you need to get away from all the stress and chaos of your daily life, GHM’s The Legian in Bali is the perfect getaway hideout to get back into balance. Compared to the rest of the enormous five star hotels and resorts in Bali, The Legian is relatively small. Exactly how we like it. Its intimate atmosphere contributes to the calm feeling that becomes you once you step into the hotel lobby. It’s the way the hotel staff speaks to you, the sound of the sea, the rindik being played by the Balinese musicians in the lobby, the wind blowing through the threes, and the serene atmosphere in general.

This feeling begins the moment you’re picked up from the airport. Amidst the somewhat loud crowd holding out pieces of paper with names of people and hotels, an employee of The Legian calmly awaited us with a wooden sign of The Legian. He asked us how our flight was as he escorted us to an SUV where the driver awaited us. After stepping into car he offered us cold water and moist towels to freshen up, before smoothly driving us to the hotel while we listened to soft and relaxing tunes. We later learned that it was GHM’s own CD, part of the GHM Music to Remember collection. A collection that can be bought when wanting to bring a little bit of the experience back home. Smart!

The Legian is located by the sea. It has its own beach, and all the suites have a wide veranda with a view of the sea. Inside the suites, no expense has been spared to provide guests with a luxurious experience. Whenever you think of something you would want, it’s there, from the finest Belgian chocolate and an espresso machine with Illy coffee, to the Bose sound system that fills every compartment of the villa with the tunes coming from the available iPod.

Balance is an important aspect of the hotel’s concept, which has been incorporated all the way up to the architecture. Balance in life. Balance between work and leisure. Balance between body and mind.They facilitate their guests in getting back in balance with personal care and attention, yoga, spa treatments, and amazing food.

In our opinion, you can really tell wether a hotel is five star quality by its breakfast. We were told The Legian is famous for its wonderful breakfast. And it couldn’t be more true. Everything is fresh and the kitchen works with the best products of the highest quality. And the number of choices is just right. Enough for you to get just a little greedy when standing in front of the buffet, but not in a decadent way. Nothing is impossible at The Legian. The staff is there to give you the best service possible and to make you feel special. And if you want your eggs scrambled, but with the salmon that accompanies the omelet on the menu, that’s no problem at all. The staff has the most amazing memory and eye for detail. They call you by your name, remember where you’d like to be seated, and how you drink your cappuccino.

General Manager Carla Petzold-Beck said ‘Every GHM hotel seeks to combine attention to detail with flawless service and achieve the ultimate by surpassing every guest’s expectations.’ Well she did a great job at The Legian. A stay at this hotel will not only live up to your expectations. It will exceed them. The Legian is a true oasis of calmness and peace.

By Jordy Schoonhoven

The Legian – Bali
Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak Beach, Bali 80361, Indonesia T (62) 361 730 622