18 Oct 2021 By AWAY IN STYLE

The Luxurious Argyle Pink Diamond By DAWN

DAWN Jewellery is pleased to unveil a special exhibition of jewellery creations featuring the Argyle Pink Diamond, on view at DAWN’s flagship boutique and gallery from 26 November to 11 December 2021. As one of only two ateliers appointed by Argyle and Rio Tinto in Hong Kong, DAWN Jewellery highlights the rare diamonds through fine Hong Kong craftsmanship while drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese motifs to create unique and timeless works that blur the lines between art, jewellery and design.

A highlight of the exhibition includes the never before seen collection entitled The Auspicious Cranes of Prince Duan. Inspired by the classic Chinese painting by Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty (also known as Prince Duan), each crane is crafted in 18k gold and topped with a rare Argyle Pink Diamond. The cranes’ wings are composed of icy jadeites in irregular shapes. Historic symbols of the wish for purity, longevity, loyalty and fortune since ancient China, this collection hopes to continue the prayer for peace and prosperity for today’s world.

Found in Western Australia, the Argyle Pink Diamond Mine has been the premium source of the stones since 1983. Since its closing in 2020, these precious stones have become even more rare and prized by collectors. Showcasing over 100 pieces of jewellery, DAWN will present a series of wide-ranging designs that highlight Hong Kong’s expert craftsmanship and goldsmith techniques, while bridging traditional Chinese culture and history.

“We are honored to be one of the only boutique ateliers selected to represent the exceptionally rare and beautiful Argyle Pink Diamond in Hong Kong. Handmade in our studio by our team of local craftsmen, we are looking forward to presenting a special jewellery collection which offers the public a unique opportunity to make these renowned stones a part of their daily lives. Each piece is expertly made with the highest quality of Hong Kong craftsmanship incorporating designs rooted in traditional Chinese culture and history to pair with the timeless elegance of the Argyle Pink Diamond,” comments Yve Chan, Founder and Director of DAWN Jewellery and Sunsmith.