THE MURAKA at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

THE MURAKA is the world’s first two-story residence complete with one story submerged into the Indian Ocean.  Launched in November 2018 at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, THE MURAKA invites guests to dive into an extraordinary experience, both above and below the surface of the Indian Ocean. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island enlisted the expertise of Robe de Voyage to create something truly unique and omnipresent of the destination for guests of THE MURAKA.

The ‘Sleeping in the Ocean’ collection encompasses men’s, women’s and children’s robes, as well as eye masks; each product hand woven using the softest khadi cotton from rural communities in West Bengal, India. This cotton is an especially versatile fabric, cool in summer and warm in winter, and represents a slower way of life, with time and care taken in the creation of each piece; whilst also supporting traditional textile production and the local economy.

The print was hand painted by Jessica in her London studio before she spent time in Kolkata developing her paintings into silkscreens and experimenting with colour palettes. “I was very conscious of the light in the undersea residence,” says Linklater. “I didn’t want anything too overpowering that would conflict with the tropical colours outside the windows.” The final colour palette of dolphin blues and moonlight greys are both calming and harmonious, in keeping with the ethos of THE MURAKA, which was designed, built and installed with sympathy to the surrounding environment.

Jessica was immediately drawn in by the concept of sleeping in the ocean and the mystery of the sea; with its sense of calm and serenity. Inspired by nature and travel, Jessica was inspired by vintage Japanese kimonos and calligraphy and wanted to create a feeling of chic, understated cool with no overall distinction between the men’s and women’s robes. Inspired by the clean lines and curves of moonlight landing on the surface of the ocean, Jessica incorporated bold brush strokes into her final design.

The robes are designed to be versatile and guests use as a cover-up for wearing around the above or below sea-levels of THE MURAKA, breakfast on the sunrise deck, at the beach or on a boat trip; or to throw on for evening drinks on the sunset deck. The chic Japanese kimono-style robes are the ultimate holiday wardrobe essential, and are complimentary for guests to take home as a memento of their unique experience in the Maldives. Linklater comments, “there are no rules to when, where or how you can wear these robes”.

Jessica also designed THE MURAKA butler’s uniforms, designed to complement THE MURAKA and to being a clear and unique visual identity to the service provided in this residence like no other.