17 May 2024 By May Ng

The Murray, Hong Kong and Lao Ji Shi Present The Alluring Shanghai Flavours

Following the successful launch of The Alluring Shanghai Flavours, we are thrilled to announce the comeback of Lao Ji Shi collaboration, with signature Lao Ji Shi dishes including the Marinate Roe Crab in Chinese Yellow Wine, Stir-fried Green Beans Flat Noodles with Crab Roe, Grilled Halibut Head with Scallion, Red Braised Pork Belly with Abalones and other authentic recipes, meticulously crafted by the renowned establishment in Shanghai, brought to our city. “The Alluring Shanghai Flavours” feast will take place in the elegant Niccolo Room, guests can also complement their dishes with a varied selection of free-flow fine wines or Ruinart Champagne to enliven the dining experience.

In 1995, Ji Shi Restaurant was originated on Tianping Road in Shanghai, which is known for its rich cultural atmosphere. With its authentic Shanghainese cuisine, Lao Ji Shi (Ji Shi Restaurant) has gradually gained fame and recognition with nomination from the MICHELIN Guide in 2016 and 2021, the restaurant was hailed by the media as a must-visit restaurant in Shanghai. Over the years, Lao Ji Shi has continuously demonstrated meticulous craftsmanship and traditional skills, inheriting the essence of old Shanghai’s local cuisine, capturing the flavours and soul of the bustling alleyways.

The Alluring Shanghai Flavours offers lunch and dinner set menus for 2 to 12 persons, available for a limited time only from 12 to 16 June 2024. The menus feature a constellation of the Lao Ji Shi signature dishes such as the aromatic and flavourful Signature Drunken Chicken, the silky-smooth Steamed Hilsa Herring in Glutinous Rice Wine, the luscious and succulent Signature Red Braised Pork Belly with Abalones, Grilled Halibut Head with Scallion and the fragrant Stuffed Red Dates with Glutinous Rice.


Known for its rich sauces and bold flavours, each dish is crafted using locally-sourced fresh ingredients following the Lao Ji Shi authentic recipes, ensuring that our local diners can savour the traditional Shanghainese essences. Our culinary team uses hand-picked fresh crabs to curate the Marinated Roe Crab in Chinese Yellow Wine, cooked to perfection with its rich and creamy roe and complemented by the aromatic Huadiao wine. Another must-try delicacy is the Stir-Fried Green Bean Flat Noodles with Crab Roe, the chewy flat noodles filled with creamy and buttery crab roe burst with flavour and aroma.

“The Alluring Shanghai Flavours”
Date: From 12 to 16 June 2024
Time: Lunch: 12n.n. to 3p.m.; Dinner: From 6p.m. to 11p.m.
Venue: Niccolo Room, 25th floor, The Murray, Hong Kong
Set Lunch: HKD 588 per person
Set Dinner: HKD 988 per person

Beverage Package:
Free Flow of Orange Juice or Soft Drinks: HKD 100 per person
Free Flow of House Wines, Orange Juice or Soft Drinks: HKD 150 per person
Free Flow of Ruinart Champagne, House Wines, Orange Juice or Soft Drinks: HKD 400 per person

All prices are subject to a 10% service charge. Book online at Online Store. Guests can enjoy 15% early bird discount on purchase with discount code “early15” on or before 25 May 2024. For enquiries, please call +852 3141 8668 or emailevents.themurray@niccolohotels.com.