The new Absolution Face Oil

Addiction Oil 1
To Wear Night & Day
Don’t say we didn’t warn you

Have you ever dreamed of a care that can do everything?

Soften, moisturize, repair, protect, balance and regenerate? That works in winter as well in the summer, which can be elected the only one in your beauty bag or be mixed with your cream smartly? A skin care product that you love the smell and the results, one your skin will love unconditionally?

Its name has appeared so obvious that we did not hesitate for long … here it is, Addiction, the Absolution Face Oil, a precious cocktail of 27 natural and organic oils and flower extracts.

Addiction treats your skin gently by providing all the necessary nutrients in balance and beauty. Dryness, irritation, discomfort or dull complexion, this universal care can be used is in all seasons, day and night, according to your desires and needs. Its non-greasy texture, delicious fragrance and its many virtues will make it your “can’t do without it” product very fast.

100% natural origin | 94.65% organic

Price: $720/30ml