13 Sep 2022 By AWAY IN STYLE


For the Dior autumn-winter 2022-2023 ready-to-wear collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri has reinvented the iconic pumps – the fruit of the collaboration between Roger Vivier and Christian Dior. Named Dior 62-22, in reference to 1962, the year of their creation, they are adorned with elaborate embroidery, combined with technical elements inspired by research from D-Air lab*. A link between the past and future, they offer the final touch to a timeless silhouette.

Mimosa flowers are meticulously applied to the models, one by one, as if they were blooming on a stem that extends to the heel. Pearls with a coral motif extend in a fringe on the toe, bursting with light, while fine turquoise stones bloom on a transparent fishnet base, revealing a poetic movement and revealing the virtuoso skills of the Dior ateliers.

These dreamy ornaments are combined with a high-tech strap that fits perfectly around the ankle, like an adjustable strap. Made of ultralight neoprene, this fastening system, with its fluorescent yellow stitching, comes from the world of motorcycling and places the Dior 62-22 shoes on a timeline that combines heritage and innovation.


* D-Air lab is an Italian start-up founded in 2015 by Lino Dainese. Architect Silvia Dainese Gris led this special project for Dior.

Maria Grazia Chiuri Dior 2022-2023 秋冬時裝系列重新演繹 Roger Vivier Christian Dior 合作設計的經典高跟鞋。鞋款取名為 Dior 62-22,源自其設計年份 ── 1962此高跟鞋綴以精緻的刺繡,結合源自  D-Air 實驗室* 的科技元素。融合過去與未來,為經典造型帶來別緻點綴。

一朵朵精緻的含羞草花綴於鞋身上,彷彿在鞋跟延伸盛開。飾有珊瑚主題圖案的珍珠在鞋頭的邊緣延伸,綻放光芒;而高級藍綠色寶石在透明魚網上閃耀,展現詩意般的動感,呈現Dior 珠寶工匠的精湛技藝。

這些夢幻的裝飾結合高科技可調節的搭帶,完美貼合腳踝。以極輕巧的氯丁橡膠 (neoprene)製成,此開合設計採用源自電單車運動的螢光黃色縫線,將 Dior 62-22 鞋款糅合傳統與創新設計。

* D-Air 實驗室是一間意大利的初創公司,由 Lino Dainese 2015 年創立。建築師 Silvia Dainese Gris Dior 主理這特別項目。