1 Jun 2022 By May Ng


This summer, Issey Miyake’s legendary “Summer Editions” take us with them, perhaps not on vacation, but on a journey.

The invitation to follow the flow of water away from the daily grind defies every imaginable cliché: the concept combines the most cherished Mediterranean memories of Dora Baghriche, Daphné Bugey,
and Marie Salamagne, all perfumers at Firmenich. Using the exquisite corpse method, each perfumer worked after the other to create completely unique fragrances, the fruit of their combined emotions.
Each fragrance makes a stop in three destinations – the favorites of the three perfumers who collaborated on the project.

The blend of their olfactory memories gave rise to two escapades: one feminine, one masculine.

To visually illustrate these fragrant emotions, Kevin Lucbert, a new French artist, drew the main steps of the journey using his faithful ballpoint pen, his artist’s instrument of choice which he uses incredibly poetically.

FACESSS Ocean Terminal ∙ LANGHAM BEAUTY ∙ SOGO Causeway Bay ∙ New Yaohan Macau 

ENQUIRY:2262 6911

L'Eau d'Issey Summer Edition 100ml HK$560
L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme Summer Edition 125ml HK$520