8 Feb 2024 By May Ng


Elevate your beauty with the power of the Dragon

To celebrate the Year of the Dragon, ARMANI beauty specially released the New Year limited edition MY ARMANI TO GO CUSHION RED DRAGON CASE.

The festive design features dragon scale-inspired pattern hot stamped in volume, accents of bright red and gold, symbolises good fortune and prosperity.

In ancient time, dragon is an emblem of the emperor, a symbol of potent power and royalty.
According to Feng Shui, dragon represents “yang” and “east” where the sun rises, delivers pioneer spirit of a new beginning in the Year of the Dragon.

The pattern of the brand new “Red Dragon” cushion case is inspired by the dragon scale motif featured in GIORGIO ARMANI haute couture collection.

The eye-catching bright red and metallic leather fabric complement the hot stamped dragon scale-inspired pattern perfectly.

The dragon scale design is brought to life with a touch of gold on the edge of each pattern,
while the GIORGIO ARMANI logo finished in matte gold adds another detail that parallels the elegance of haute couture.

MY ARMANI TO GO’s new RED DRAGON case, like all the MY ARMANI TO GO case designs, is created to be mindful of the environment, emblematic of Giorgio Armani’s commitment to sustainability and creating beautiful objects that are designed to last.

The new MY ARMANI TO GO RED DRAGON case debuts a captivating design, while offering the same sleek, ergonomic case form.

The case’s lid opens entirely, at a 180° angle, for an intuitive application, and its small magnet offers a soft opening and closing action.

MY ARMANI TO GO’s pointed-shaped applicator also makes it effortless to precisely reach every angle and corner of the face.

To Keep the applicator clean between uses, it is securely tucked inside a puff holder integrated into the refill’s design.